a collage of ten different drag queens from rupaul's drag race

Hey kitty girl! Are you ready to meet your perfect match in drag form? Then brace yourself, mama, because we have a magic quiz to help you discover which RuPaul’s Drag Race queen shares your spirit and sass.

The odds may be ever in your favor if you align with Sasha Colby’s fabulosity or Trixie’s unique makeup style, but there are plenty of other queens you might match with.

Without further ado, hold onto your tuck because this quiz is going to be one fabulous ride!

Quiz time: Let's match you with your queen!

Answer the following questions to find out which RuPaul's Drag Race queen matches your sparkling personality.

Good luck...and don't f*ck it up!

When you make your entrance into the WERKroom, what type of look would you be serving?

1. Living for the camp and serving up some laughs
2. Ready to serve a stunning Ru-vealing moment
3. Bringing pure eleganza for days
4. Giving us classic c*nt energy
5. Walking in like a true work of art

Which fabulous shoe are you strutting in?

Slaying it in an eclectic heel
Feeling chunky and funky in a belted boot
Ready to show off those toes in a strappy stiletto
Serving timeless realness in a pump
Confidently stomping in thigh-highs

Category is: personality, sis! What energy are you serving?

1. Dark and edgy vibes
2. Colorful cuteness
3. Fun and playful realness
4. Artistic and creative cool
5. Classy and sassy

Which challenge would you absolutely slay?

1. Lip sync battles
2. The comedy roast
3. Every runway
4. The Rusical

Who's your Snatch Game character inspired by, hunty?

1. I'd impersonate a fellow Ru girl
2. I'd serve up some mainstream celebrity realness
3. I'd give pure old Hollywood glamour, darling
4. I'd go back in time with an iconic historical figure
5. I can't decide, so I'd pull character changes

When the other queens talk about you in their confessionals, they would be:

1. Laughing their wigs off and agreeing that I'm the funniest queen in the room
2. Spilling some piping hot tea and calling me straight-up bitchy
3. Playing nice and complimenting my kindness and compassion
4. Acknowledging that I'm the ultimate MOTHER of the group
5. Falling over themselves to crown me Miss Congeniality

What's the most important part of your sickening runway look?

1. Serving complete lewks that are fierce and flawless with your overall outfit
2. Slaying those contours and giving us face for days with your makeup
3. Rocking wigs that are bigger than life itself and giving us hair for the gods
4. Strutting down that runway with confidence and charisma
5. Having a powerful message to send to the judges, viewers, and world alike

It's time to lip sync for your legacy...what stunts are you bringing to the stage?

1. Hairography: Hair flips for days
2. Campy comedy: Moves that make everyone laugh
3. Lyric mastery: Never missing a word
4. Fashion reveals: Epic transformations

All 8 questions completed!

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Quiz time: Let's match you with your queen!

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