Wiz Khalifa goes on bizarre homophobic rant about eating bananas

Wiz Khalifa recently sat down with Charlamagne tha God on his radio show “The Breakfast Club,” where the subject of straight men who eat bananas arose.

“If you bite into a banana, you sus[pect],” Khalifa told the radio host.

Suspect of what, you ask? Being gay, of course!

Apparently, if you’re a straight guy, and you eat a banana from the peel like a normal person, people might get the wrong idea about your sexuality.

“You gotta break it in pieces, bro,” Khalifa added. “If you a n*gga, n*ggas gotta break the banana in half.”

The rule only applies in public, however. In the privacy of his own home, a straight man can enjoy his banana however he pleases.

“If you’re in public, just break it into pieces,” Khalifa said, before adding: “I’m just trying to help you out, bro.”

Understandably, Twitter didn’t take so kindly to the remarks.

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