Woman Who Faked Abortion To Raise Child With GBF Loses Appeal, Gets Three Years In Prison

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After a long and drawn out court battle, a mother and her GBF will spend the next three years behind bars after a twisted scheme they played on the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

It all started back in 2010 when the mother learned she was pregnant by her ex. Not wanting to raise the baby with him, she lied and said she had an abortion. Then she and her gay best friend secretly raised the child on their own, going so far as to list gay friend as the father on the baby’s birth certificate. The names of all parties have been withheld for legal reasons.

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Three years later, a mutual friend of the mother and her ex noticed that the child was the “splitting image” of the man she used to date and alerted him about it. When the mother and her GBF refused to cooperate with a DNA test, the father filed a civil action suit against them earlier this year.

A court-ordered DNA test quickly proved that he was, indeed, the father and that he had been duped. In his testimony, the father told the court he spent countless hours grieving for a child he thought had been aborted.

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The mother and her GBF were both charged with complex fraud and were found guilty at a Perth Sheriff Court in June.

“You persisted in this wicked scheme for a period of almost three years,” the judge scolded them. “In all respects this was an elaborate and cynical scheme to provide [the GBF] with a child.”

They were both sentenced to three years in prison.

The duo appealed the sentence at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh, calling it “excessive,” but this week, a judge told them their sentences would stick.

“It is clear on any view that this was a planned enterprise which involved a web of deceit and many lies told,” he said.

As for the real father, he has secured a residence for his daughter after what he says has been “four years of a nightmare.”

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