Yusaf Mack, Boxer Who Wasn’t Drugged, Wants A Relationship With A Trans Person

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Professional-boxer-turned-gay-porn-star Yusaf Mack would like your attention again. The 35-year-old gay father-of-ten just gave an interview saying he’s officially on the market and looking for love. Quick! Everyone grab a number.

In a new sit-down with Hip Hollywood, Mack says he first started experiencing homosexual desires when he was a teenager, but he kept them buried out of fear of being treated differently.

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“It was like that man in me that I didn’t want anybody to know,” Mack explained. “I’m over it now though. I’m living my life and I’m happy.”

Mack first made headlines last month when he claimed was drugged and had absolutely no recollection of ever filming a hardcore gay skin flick. A week later, he admitted that, actually, on second thought, he wasn’t drugged and that he was bisexual. And a few days after that, he changed his story again, admitting that he wasn’t bisexual, he’s gay. Then he threw a lavish “coming out” party at a West Hollywood gay bar to celebrate.

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Now the Holiday Hump’n star says he’s ready for a relationship, preferably with a trans woman.

“My interest is trannys,” he said. “I love trannys. I’m attracted to trannys. I don’t like no muscle like me.”

Yusaf, if you’re reading, here’s a little tip: If you are really, truly interested in earning the love and respect of a transwoman, try to refrain from using transphobic slurs like “tranny.” Just a suggestion, of course.

Mack went on to say he was inspired to come out by none other than Caitlyn Jenner.

“If he can do it, I can do it,” Mack said. “I don’t have to hide no more.”

Ay-yi-yi. Someone get this man a publicist stat.

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