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16 lesbian TikTok creators you NEED to follow

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In recent months, lesbian trends have dominated TikTok’s For You page. Any time you scroll, you’re bound to be met with hashtags like #WelcomeToLesbianTikTok, #LesbianCheck, and #HeyMama. 

As the number of lesbian TikTok stars continues to skyrocket, it can be challenging to decide who to follow. Here is a list of 16 lesbian TikTok creators you need to hit “+” for.

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#1 – Hayley Kiyoko (@hayleykiyoko)

“Girls Like Girls” singer Hayley Kiyoko dons the nickname “Lesbian Jesus” for a reason. Kiyoko’s account takes a humorous approach to living life as a TikTok lesbian, peppering her videos with self-deprecating jokes about her mental health. You can also keep up with the Lemonade Mouth star’s latest releases and even get much-awaited sneak peeks.

#2 – Gabriela Ovalles (@gabi_livin)

Timothee Chalamet‘s doppelganger Gabriela Ovalles is famous for her spot-on fashion tips and occasional thirst traps. However, what many of her over 500,000 followers really love about the androgynous model’s account is her inclusion of family. Gabriela loves to collaborate with her sisters and parents for a laugh. 

#3 – Jojo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa)

Since coming out as pansexual in 2021, Dance Moms star Jojo Siwa has garnered over 39 million TikTok followers. Most of her content revolves around dance – you’ll get to witness rehearsals, routines, and tips. But Jojo has also uploaded LGBTQ-centric content, including her appearances at Pride and collaborations with her on-and-off girlfriend, Kylie Prew.


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#4 – Alexa & Maria (@alexa_and_maria_2)

Multinational Trinidadian and Italian couple Alexa and Maria are lesbian travel goals. On top of their travel content, Alexa and Maria also frequently upload lesbian-centric skits and the occasional prank. 

#5 – Ebony & Denise (@team2moms)

Also known as the Best of Lesbian YouTube, same-sex moms Ebony and Denise are the epitomai of heartwarming. This multiracial couple presents followers with a look into their lives raising their three children: Lucas, Jayden, and Olivia. They feature family dance routines, LGBTQ parenting tips, and regular Q&A sessions.

#6 – Julia & Abbie (@julia.ensign and @abbie.ensign)

Julie and Abbie are another famous lesbian mom couple raising their son and two dogs. Both accounts feature tips on pregnancy planning, laugh-so-hard-your-sides-hurt lesbian skits, and a closer look at same-sex parenting.

Interestingly, Julia is a former member of the Mormon Church and offers an honest and refreshing perspective on her decision to leave.

#7 – Marth W. (@marthwubbles)

Non-binary bisexual TikToker Marth W. is a go-to source for thirst traps, fashion and hair tips, and funny skits. Many fans swoon over Marth’s deep voice – we can guarantee you’ll want to hear everything she has to say about being pronoun-indifferent in today’s digital age.

#8 – Avery Cyrus (@averycyrus)

21-year-old Avery Cyrus falls under the category “sporty lesbian TikTok” – you’ll often see her on a skateboard performing jaw-dropping tricks. The athletic lesbian with a colossal fanbase is also known for her series “Avery Tries”, in which she dives headfirst into new hobbies and activities she has never done. 

#9 – Jay (@jay_will_float_too)

Asexual and queer, TikTok creator Jay is best known for their content featuring no-holds-barred commentary on their autism and ADHD diagnoses. The 19-year-old shares tips on how to deal with sensory overload (for them, a quick fix is listening to the song “Electric Love”) and other classic symptoms. Jay is also an avid cosplayer and fan of the Harry Potter series.

#10 – Mena (@imjustmena)

Once a contestant on Canada’s Got Talent, Mena is a singer and guitarist who showcases her musical skills on TikTok. She occasionally features dance collaborations with her adorable fiancee Kris and antics from her cat Simba (who also has his own TikTok).

#11 – Soph Mosca (@sophmosca)

Former competitive dancer and Avery Cyrus’ partner, Soph Mosca, is the master of TikTok trends. Discover something new, and chances are Soph has already done it better. Like her partner Avery, Soph also features her attempts to try things for the first time, from cooking recipes to fashion DIYs.

#12 – Chelsea Hart (@chelseahartisme)

Alaskan TikToker Chelsea Hart is a self-proclaimed comedian. However, amidst her humorous content is a lot of valuable commentary regarding LGBTQ movements and social issues. In fact, she has an entire “Politics” folder dedicated to LGBTQ topics like reproductive rights, anti-harassment laws, and prejudice.


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#13 – Megan Mitchell (@megan.mitchellll)

Megan Mitchell is a weekend morning anchor and weekday reporter at WLWT. Most of her TikToks highlight LGBTQ issues and take place on-set. Megan frequently shares messages about rising above adversity and pursuing career dreams despite society’s setbacks. She’ll even sometimes feature commentary by the local meteorologist!

#14 – Julie Visnes (@julieeandcamilla)

Formerly @Julievisnes, @julieeandcamilla features gym challenges, comedic skits, and commentary. Julie Visnes and partner Camilla are famous for their hilarious mother-in-law series and tips for gym enthusiasts looking to bulk up their bodies. Not only is this lesbian couple fitspo goals, but they also provide valuable insight into what it means to be an LGBTQ couple in today’s social landscape.


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#15 – Crissa Jackson (@crissa_ace)

Crissa Jackson is the embodiment of a hot lesbian athlete. She is well-known for her basketball trick shot videos, support for LGBTQ-owned sports shops, and occasional dance routines with her partner. Crissa is also musically gifted and sometimes films videos of herself dribbling a basketball to the beat of a song! 

#16 – Hina (@K8sabz)

Now with 1.6 million followers, lesbian polyglot Hina is best known for her comical “Lesbian Parent” skits. The TikTok comedian pokes fun at lesbian stereotypes without being derogatory, using personas like the chaotic lesbian friend, the lesbian divorcee, the lesbian sorority president, and the lesbian in therapy.

Hina also features non-LGBTQ content like style hauls, astrology readings, language learning, and event recaps.

The Bottom Line

As evidenced by the top lesbian TikTok creators, the platform isn’t just about poking fun or having a laugh (though we appreciate the occasional skit). Many LGBTQ TikTokers have opened doors for others to speak about their experiences and engage in important conversations that are already happening.

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