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21 top tweets about ‘top privilege’

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If the trove of “top privilege” tweets has a bottom, we haven’t found it!

Twitter users have been sounding off on top privilege for years now—often in the context of foods that only tops can eat without concern. (Fast food, dairy, and coffee are not bottoms’ best friends, it would appear.)

Zach Stafford, former editor-in-chief of The Advocate, mentioned a “no Chipotle before sex” rule among bottoms in a 2013 HuffPost blog post, adding that it’s just one way in which tops “have inherently greater privileges than do bottoms.”

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In a 2018 Killer and a Sweet Thang essay, future Are You the One? star and OnlyFans performer Remy Duran wrote that “tops have a kind of privilege that our vers and bottom sisters do not have” in the gay-male population, including the perception of being stronger and manlier—a thought process that results from “internalized homophobia and sexist attitudes towards penetration,” Duran said.

In his piece, Stafford wrote along similar lines: “The patriarchy tells us that to be a man is to be the penetrator, the phallus, etc. And in this line of thought, bottoms are seen ‘less than,’ ‘feminine,’ or ‘the woman’ because they are the taker of the phallus.”

Of course, Twitter users discussing top privilege usually aren’t talking about sexual and gender politics and power structures. More often, they’re just talking about all the cheese they can or can’t eat. Or they’re bragging about all the bottoms that want them. Or they’re talking about Ryan Philippe’s butt.

Here are their tweets…

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