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6 Things You Should Know About King Cobra Before Seeing It

A photo of James Franco is his costar, shirtless, in the 2016 movie King Cobra.

The much-waiting King Cobra is out this weekend. So we though we’d come up with a quick guide to dramatic lead up to the release, from the Brent Corrigan‘s totally understandable objections to Franco’s even deeper dive into gay life.

1. Boos From Brent

A photo of adult film star Brent Corrigan on the beach, with his pants down.

King Cobra chronicles the porn career of Brent Corrigan (nee Sean Paul Lockhart), specifically focusing on his connection to the murdered adult film mogul Bryan Kocis. Although Corrigan deigned to allow the use of his real name in the movie, he has also been vocal in his criticism to the project, evidenced by this tweet from September: “I gave them permission to use my name’s but explicitly made it clear that their story was heinous & not sanctioned.” If you ask us, it is a shame James Franco will likely make more money from this movie thant the subject. It’s not like adult stars own their work either.

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2. Gay-for-Pay Franco

A photo of James Franco with his costar for the movie King Cobra, behind a gym setup and a red couch.

Long time queer tease James Franco double teams this film as both a producer and an actor, portraying  Joseph Kerekes, who, with his boyfriend and partner-in-crime Harlow Cuadra, murdered Kocis in 2007. Arguably, this may be be Franco’s gayest movie yet. And for a Hollywood star who’s oeuvre includes Milk, Interior. Leather Bar, and I Am Michael, that’s saying something.

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3. Everything’s Coming Up Boogie Nights

A photo of the cast of King Cobra, including James Franco, at a red carpet screening.

Christian Slater, who plays “Stephen”, a pseudonym for Kocis, compares King Cobra to a certain Broadway musical. “Always in the back of my mind, there was Gypsy,” Slater said in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, invoking the the tale of Gypsy Rose Lee, a young girl exploited by her overbearing stage mother, Mama Rose, in order to climb the ladder of the burlesque adult entertainment industry. Slater also likened the project to Boogie Nights and Bob Fosse’s Star 80. That’s good company, and why not?

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4. An Actor Prepares


Some actors prepare their character from the inside out. Garrett Clayton, who portrays Corrigan, prepared from the booty up. “The makeup artist is painting my ass, ” said Clayton in a recent interview, “and the AD is like, ‘We’re losing light!’ And I’m like, ‘This is gonna project about 40 feet high, and I’m gonna see it for the rest of my life. So let’s get it right.’” Stanislavsky would be so proud.

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5. Not PG-13

A photo of Brent Corrigan, next to the actor who played him in the movie King Cobra

One of Corrigan’s biggest criticisms of the film is that Clayton isn’t jail bait-y enough. “I was 17-21 in the years the screenplay spans.” he tweeted. “I looked much younger. He doesn’t embody [Bryan’s] preference for not legal boys.”

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6. Mommy Queerest


If Luke Perry gracing the cover of AARP Magazine didn’t  already make you feel old as hell, Alicia Silverstone, notable as quintessential 90’s teenager Cher from Clueless, plays Corrigan’s mom in this film.

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