Wet wipes are ubiquitous in gay culture for their effectiveness in helping us maintain a clean bum. Although their design might vary by brand, they are all essentially pre-moistened pieces of soft paper or fabric folded into packaging like tissues. Sometimes they’re even scented and infused with aloe vera or vitamins. 

Many people, regardless of gender or sexuality, prefer using the butt-cleansing tool because of its increased cleanliness, sensitivity, and convenience.

Wet wipes for adults are like the champagne of toilet paper, if you will. And if gay men know anything, it’s how to enjoy the finer things in life, including the perks that come with a polished derrière.

The importance of hygiene for the gay community

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The importance of general hygiene extends to everyone. But by maintaining especially good hygiene, many gay men enjoy feeling extra confident and looking their best while presenting themselves to the world.

When it comes to anal hygiene, it’s no different. Anal hygiene should be important to everyone, but the gay community relies on it for their sex lives and thus think about it much more frequently. Spontaneous sexual encounters are often not possible because of this fact, which is why many bottoms are not shy to take their butt wipes (and fiber pills) on the go.

But remember, a clean anus starts with a good diet.

Improper wiping can also cause anal discomfort and itching, and spread bacteria that can make your partner sick. Ultimately, the more comfortable you feel in your cleanliness, the more relaxed in life and bed you will be. 

Pros of using wet wipes

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Toilet paper has been around since the 1800s, so folks might say it was time for innovation in the restroom. The benefits of wet wipes echo why they’re a staple in gay households – perhaps even a cornerstone of queer culture:

  • Faster cleanup: Wet wipes require less wiping to get your behind squeaky clean; Wiping too much or too hard can injure your butthole.
  • Extra cleanliness: You feel cleaner after each use because you are. Put simply by an author: “Toilet paper moves sh*t, but it doesn’t remove it.”
  • Convenience: Packaged moist wipes are easy to transport and access in case of emergencies. 
  • Smoother sailing: If you have a sensitive anus or are prone to conditions like anal fissures or hemorrhoids, the friction of toilet paper may worsen it or feel like sandpaper. 

Choosing the right wet wipes

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The best adult wet wipes will be smooth to the touch and swift to the finish; the less wiping needed, the better. There is a variety of wipes marketing to just about every body part or household surface, so how do you choose which brand suits your peach? 

We recommend doing your own due diligence to ensure the wet wipes you choose are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Also, be a dear and help protect your city’s sewer system (and the planet) by purchasing FLUSHABLE and biodegradable wipes!

We’re not paid to promote these, but Dude Wipes, Booty Wipes, and Pure For Men’s Flushable Wipes will all hit the mark while keeping things radiant.

How to properly dispose of wet wipes

A person's hand holding a wet wipe over a toilet as if to flush it

As socially conscious gays, our decision-making needs to leave the planet worthy of the next generation’s queer debauchery. A 2021 study published in Environmental Challenges found that wet wipes are a major contributor to marine microplastic pollution when improperly disposed of, so if it’s not biodegradable and flushable, use the trash can! 

If you think selecting wet wipes you can flush isn’t a serious issue, Queerty recently reported on a proposed ban by the Prime Minister on plastic wet wipes in the UK to tackle water pollution. As expected, gay Twitter freaked out. 

Other important things to know

Ok, so you found the best butt-cleaning tool for you, hurray! But there are still other considerations to keep in mind. 

Are wet wipes bad for you?

Unfortunately, wiping with pre-moistened tissues might solve many problems but also creates some.

Renowned gay anal surgeon, Dr. Evan Goldstein, told InsideHook, “When people are over-wiping or using wet wipes, they’re creating more irritation and getting rid of good bacteria.” When there’s an imbalance or moisture left over, you can wind up with irritation, rashes, or fungal or bacterial infections.

Many experts suggest jumping in the shower after you poop or using a bidet. But because those options are not as practical as they sound, if you’re using wet wipes, have a clean towel handy to wipe down any excess moisture, and be gentle with your wiping and only as needed. 

Can you bring wet wipes on a plane?

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You’re in luck! TSA knows you can’t join the Mile High Club with Austin Wolf without some flushable wet wipes handy! Airports allow wipes, in any quantity, to be carried on the plane. (But you must leave the poppers at home.) 

Can you make your own wipes?

No. DIY wet wipes sound unsanitary at best, and an infection waiting to happen at worst. Treat your body like a temple, not IKEA.

Consider butt wipes like a hygiene accessory, not a daily routine

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Cleanliness might be considered next to godliness, but taking medical suggestions for your anal health will help you enjoy a life full of bottoming. You don’t have to give up wet wipes entirely, but it’ll be wise to keep them as an accessory for when you need to freshen up on short notice or when you’re traveling.

Seriously, it’s time for America to catch up to Europe and embrace the bidet in bathroom infrastructure. Oh, and for the love of rainbows, wash your hands.

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