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Aaron Carter can’t wait to show you his “amazing” physical transformation

The last few months have been quite the whirlwind for Aaron Carter. In early August, he came out as bisexual. The next day, his girlfriend dumped him. Nevertheless, he claimed he was looking forward to the future. In fact, he was busy readying a performance at gay bar Hamburger Mary’s in his hometown of Brandon, Florida. During that show, he broke down and wept, extremely moved by everything.

Then, to demonstrate he’s genuinely bisexual and this wasn’t some publicity ploy, he hit on actress Chloë Grace Moretz. Twice.

Then? A mere week after he came out — only a week has passed — all of Carter’s social media pages went surreptitiously dark. His ex-girlfriend claimed she wasn’t homophobic and has lots of gay friends. But that’s when Carter turned around and said:

 “When it comes down to it, really, I had an experience when I was 17 with a guy, but now as an almost 30-year-old man, I’m going to be pursuing relationships with women. I want to pursue a relationship with a woman.”

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So then? He went on live TV to take an HIV test. During the broadcast, he revealed the depth of his substance abuse issues. Shortly after, police rushed to his home after reports that he was “on the verge of death.”  That inspired him to enter rehab and kick each and every one of his demons to the curb!

Now we’re all caught up to the present, in which we learn Carter — who weighed only 115 pounds a few weeks back — has apparently eaten sandwiches: He now weighs 160 pounds.

He’s so proud of the coup, he’s posted a before-and-after shot to Instagram along with a message for his followers:

Well, the news force is simply delighted about all this, and thinks he looks “amazing”:

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  • JaredMacBride

    Increasing your body weight by almost 50% in two months is the farthest thing from healthy. Nothing to be happy about if he really did it.

  • RIGay

    Okay… which photo am I supposed to be all agog over – the “Gym Rat” photo or the “DILF” photo?

    In the DILF photo, he kinda reminds me of every straight dude I ever attended a kegger with.

  • mhoffman953

    But I thought Queerty previously said we should be attracted to all bodies

    • Ummmm Yeah

      Ha! You nailed em.

  • Stache

    Catherine Deneuve has famously said: “At a certain age, you have to choose between your face and your ass”. For guys it’s face and abs.


      Facts. Heartbreakingly non-negotiable facts

  • Ummmm Yeah

    Way to make fun of the guy with mental issues that’s trying to get help.

    • Stache

      I agree. All these judgmental pricks. This guy has really been through the ringer and survived.

      More importantly though.Don’t forget to buy his new CD!

    • Ummmm Yeah

      At least he isn’t accusing someone of raping him to sell his CDs.

    • Brian

      Don’t give him too much credit, the CD isn’t out yet. I’m sure he has a few media baiting tricks up his sleeve to squeak out a little more publicity when his terrible album drops.

    • DCguy

      And there it is, one of Mo Bro’s screenames trying to deflect off the topic so it can attack the molestation victims of Roy Moore.

      Ugh, can you tell Putin to send some better trolls? You all are WAY too obvious. A site as large as Queerty should at LEAST qualify for the “B” level trolls, not you “D” level pukes.

  • BriBri

    Is he growing a vagina now?

  • sfhairy

    Good for him for putting on weight. BUT really, who gives a flying eff? Oh, no one, but Queerty. And I’m still not sure why Queerty gives an eff about him.

  • Bradsman

    He’s hotter in the before pic.

    • ham

      Neither, due

  • Creamsicle

    I don’t have anything against Aaron Carter, but he needs to move on and get a real job. He rode his brother’s fame coat tails for a long time, and it situated him pretty well if he can afford to go to the fake celebrity rehab that people go to when they don’t actually want to get better.

    He should get over the dream and get a real job like producing other artists, or doing something meaningful to help people. Maybe then he’d get over this apparent need for attention, because this whole shtick is tired.

  • Greg

    So he had experience with another guy at 17 and he says he’s bisexual. Why would anybody feel the need to come out if they are bisexual? Especially as an almost 30 year-old man who wants to have relationships with women. New music on the way? What music did he have before? When he was skinny, at least he had some definition. After the weight gain, he looks doughy. Sandwiches will do that. All that white bread. The tatts are not attractive at all.

  • jd.cali

    He’s an attention addict that’s for sure.

    I only know about him through these Queerty stories.

  • Herman75

    I was going to read and comment but then Troy Pes hoe pics caught my eye. clickety click!!

  • DCguy

    Ugh, enough people commented on this article that it probably means we’ll hear more about him on here. Siiiiigh.

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