Excuses, excuses

Alex Jones offers up a truly creepy defense of child sex abuse

GOP Alabama State Senate hopeful Roy Moore has found himself in a world of trouble after The Washington Post published a damning story this week alleging he engaged in sexual conduct with several underage girls.

Shortly after the story broke, several members of the GOP leadership, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator John McCain, pounced on the opportunity to get Moore out of the race for Alabama State Senator.

But at least one person is sticking up for the disgraced “family values” candidate. On his radio show this week, right wingnut Alex Jones took a moment to defend Moore’s alleged affinity for seducing children.

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“They’re saying 35, 40 years ago, Judge Moore talked to teenage women,” Jones said. “Never made sexual comments or advances. They even admit this, even if it’s true. … But I guess at the soda fountain or something, women that were, like, 18 years old or whatever, he said they looked good, honey.”

For the record, one of the women says she was 14 at the time, not 18. And the story she tells goes way beyond a soda fountain chat.

Jones continued: “That’s what you do in the South. Roy Moore told girls they were purty. Whoo. He didn’t try to take them out [yes, he did], he didn’t try to have sex with them [um yes, he did], but you know what he told them they were purty. But a tranny clown dressed as a demon can tell your three-year-old about sex.”

Did you catch that folks? Sexually harassing and attempting to seduce underage girls is “just what you do in the South.” Get over it!

Jones went on to say that this was “clearly an attempt to associate Moore with Hollywood pervs like Harvey Weinstein.”

Well, if the shoe fits!

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  • Kangol

    “Soda fountain”? Does Alex Jones not realize creep Roy Moore was doing this in 1979 etc., not 1959?

  • jcoberkrom

    This man has children. I hope his wife brings this up next time he’s in court for a custody hearing!!

    • Josh in OR

      Alex Jones’custody battle was a false flag operation involving paid government operatives posing as children, and another posing as his wife. Don’t believe the lie-beral media and their attempts to spread the fake news that anyone would sleep with Alex Jones, much less have his kids. Those kids were paid actors!

      Until Jones apologizes for the grief and pain he has and continues to cause Sandy Hook parents, this is the only narrative that matters, regarding that bloated crapsack.

  • DCguy

    The GOP has become the party of treason and defense of child molestation.

  • Donston

    Well, Alex Jones is crazy. We all know this.

    But this type of mentality and excuse making isn’t unusual for even seemingly sane and decent people. This is what happens to people they get overly caught up in political alliances and dogma. Morals and just being a good person become less important than “defending your own” and throwing hate at the perceived other side.

    I’m certain in his mind wanting to have occasional sexual encounters with boys or grown men is perfectly acceptable. However, actually declaring yourself to be gay or gay-leaning and wanting to have a substantial and public relationship with someone of your same gender is not. It’s a pattern of many.

    So, while Jones is nutjob who’s driven by sensationalism and hatred of “the left”, his mindset is not atypical.

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      That’s an interesting observation Donston; I see similar attitudes among some Arab and Iranian men too, that as long as you’re the one topping, then you’re still a “man” and “Straight “.

      I’m not sure if it’s cultural dogma or a skewed understanding of manhood and masculinity.

    • Kangol

      I agree, but how do you explain people on here trashing the guys who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual harrassment? Spacey even admitted to (some of) it, and is getting treatment, yet there were a number of trolls on here who not only defended Spacey, but went after the accusers and attempted to rationalize the abuse and misbehavior. If it’s not political partisanship, what is it? I’m curious about it, because I imagine if the wrong person attempted to abuse, manhandle, rape, etc. any of these defenders, they’d be freaking out.

    • Donston

      Not that it has much to do with this article. But yeah, that mentality has permeated and polluted a great percentage of gay and gay-leaning men for many years and it’s not dying down: as long as you only top, as long as you don’t admit to being gay or gay-leaning, as long as you only date “pretty boys” or effeminate guys, as long as you have ever managed to have sex with woman or have any amount of attraction for women whatsoever, as long as you don’t have a real relationship with a man, as long as you’re masculine- whatever it may be. Anything to hold on to some sense of hetero-normalcy or conventional masculinity. It’s all just different forms of internalized homophobia and sometimes megalomania.

    • Donston

      Most of the people defending Spacey (and the ones that are using Spacey to trash “Hollywood Liberalism” ) are just kooks and trolls. You can’t reason with them because they process no reason. Like most trolls they constantly divert from the actual topic, the details and, in this case, the multitude of accusers.

    • robert_moore

      I don’t think he’s crazy. He found a way to make money by keeping the crazies barking while buying his supplements. He just makes up shit because he knows the crazy people who follow him and listen to him will keep barking, sending him donations, and buying his shit supplements. He is an evil, evil man. I only hope he has a massive stroke that leaves him completely paralysed and unable to speak; however, he should be left aware of his surroundings so he is aware of bedsores that have become necrotic, and can still smell his own waste when he fills his diaper.

  • Artiewhitefox

    OH – My – sex. What a horrible topic. Lets talk about arresting, and jailing, and blowing people up in war and piercing people with bullets and injecting people with deadly and or toxic substances Calling it good. Lets talk about oppressive laws that make people hide in fear of being seen.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      yes, sex/sexual advances with/toward children IS horrible and should be talked about and revealed. too bad you don’t feel it fits into your ‘top 10’ list of subjects that deserve discussing.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    @Josh in OR just another conspiracy troll.

  • Notright

    I wonder how many gay men have had relations with 16 and 17 year old boys. It happens. Most of the time its the boys that initiate the whole thing. In the case of Roy Moore one of the women said they dated when she was 17. Her mother told her she was ‘the luckiest girl in the world’. Times were different back then. Women & gay men are attracted to money and power. None of these gravy trainers are getting any sympathy from me. They want a payday and nothing more…

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