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Annette Bening Didn’t Get A Chance To Dedicate An Oscar To All The Lesbians Out There

Annette Bening, your best hope at bringing home a LGBT-hued Academy Award for an actor, lost the golden statue last night to Natalie Portman, who thanked, like, a lot of people. The Kids Are All Right, where two straight actresses wonderfully portrayed two lesbian moms, was up for four Oscars; it won zero. But Annette did get to take the stage, to show off the reason she is firing her hairstylist, and also to introduce the Lifetime Achievement Awards — but not to accept for her Best Actress nomination. It was her fourth Oscar nod, and her fourth loss. Which isn’t to say The Gays all lost: The King’s Speech producer Iain Canning was among those with trophies for Best Picture (he thanked “my boyfriend Ben”), and Lora Hirschberg, the lesbian sound mixer who co-won for Inception, kissed her partner before bounding down to the mic.

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  • Michael in Toronto

    In my humble opinion, she was robbed. But then, the Academy Awards has no appreciation of subtlety — hence Natalie Portman. And while I’m on the subject of subtlety, Julianne Moore was also robbed. (sigh)

  • Harrison

    One of the producers of the King’s Speech thanked his boyfriend during the Best Picture speech.

  • Soupy

    I think she should have won. Acting is about moments. And she can convey more emotions in 10 seconds of silence than most actresses can do with words.

  • Stefan Heikel

    Also, one of the female sound/effects people on Inception was acknowledged as having a wife.

    IMO the biggest joke was that Julliane Moore wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actress while Mark Ruffalo was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

  • franco

    Maybe she was robbed, but that dress and hair look like hell.

  • Jeffree

    What the hay happened with James Franco last night? AnnetteBening should’ve won, Julianne Moore should’ve been nom’d, and Miss Portman will NEVER be as good an actor as either of those two. And Mark Ruffalo is supposedly a very nice person, but he acts about as well as your average soap star.

    Not that I have some strong opinions or anything!

  • Jon

    I’m glad her overacting was not rewarded with an Oscar. She is so completely overrated. I’d rather watch Mira Sorvino win again than see Annette Bening get an award.

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