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Again? Anti-LGBTQ Trump judge gets confirmed by Senate

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In a 51-41 vote, the Senate yesterday voted to confirm Penguin doppelganger Steven Menashi to the US 2nd Court of Appeals. Menashi, who worked as White House Counsel for the Trump Administration, has opposed marriage equality and criticized the Oberfell v. Hodges decision which legalized same-sex marriage nationally.

“Mr. Menashi’s disqualifying record is not only plagued with bias against LGBT rights, but he also has actively undermined the rights of immigrants, women, students, and other vulnerable groups throughout his career,” wrote Sasha J. Buchert, a senior attorney at Lambda Legal. “This record clearly demonstrates that he would to be unable to administer fair and impartial justice.” Buchert also characterized Menashi as one of Trump’s most “dangerous” appointees.

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Menashi is also at the center of a college scandal, having worked with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to deny thousands of students debt relief.

Even Republicans criticized Menashi’s appointment, as the judge refused to answer a litany of questions during his confirmation hearings. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine decried Menashi for refusing to address questions over queer rights, women’s rights, and immigration policy. “His reluctance to answer questions about the family separation policy made it difficult for me to assess his record and impeded my constitutional duty to evaluate his fitness to serve as a judge,’” Collins said in a statement. “I do not believe he is well-suited to serve on the federal bench.” She later voted against Menashi’s confirmation; the sole Republican to do so.

Thus far the Senate has confirmed 150 federal judges nominated by Trump to the bench. Even if Trump loses reelection or is removed from office via impeachment, his judicial appointees will shape US law and policy for decades to come.

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