Antigay Pastor’s Adult Gay Film Past Is Uncovered To Nobody’s Surprise

CEN_PornPastor_05mainHere are two images of Pastor Jose Santiago. The image on the left shows the pastor in his current state of existence. He’s got a microphone, and people supposedly listen to him. Which is great — it’s always nice to feel heard.

Pastor Jose heads the House of Prayer Monte Santo in Puerto Rico, where we can only assume he shares his close personal relationship with the man upstairs. But take a look at his face. He looks a little upset. Peeved, even.

Well it turns out before he had a relationship with the man upstairs, he had more than a few relationships with the boy next door. On camera.

Which brings us to the photo on the right — the one that’s recently surfaced, shedding light on the antigay pastor’s gay porn past.

Santiago, who is 33 years old and now married to a woman, told the local media:

“In those days I was gay and participated in homosexual activities, but God touched me, God transformed me, God gave me a woman who loves me and she loves my past. I haven’t seen any of these films in years. I don’t receive any money for them and it’s part of a life that is over.”

Unfortunately, the correct follow up questions were not asked. We’d like to know:

1. Where did God touch you, Pastor Jose?

2. Tell us more about how your wife loves your past. We’ve heard of women who love gay porn, but this is the first we’ve heard of a straight woman who loves her husband’s gay porn. Care to enlighten us?

Here he is on the cover of Pride: Part 2. Not so proud today, is he?

pastor santiago2

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h/t Gay Star News

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