Antigay Pastor’s Adult Gay Film Past Is Uncovered To Nobody’s Surprise

CEN_PornPastor_05mainHere are two images of Pastor Jose Santiago. The image on the left shows the pastor in his current state of existence. He’s got a microphone, and people supposedly listen to him. Which is great — it’s always nice to feel heard.

Pastor Jose heads the House of Prayer Monte Santo in Puerto Rico, where we can only assume he shares his close personal relationship with the man upstairs. But take a look at his face. He looks a little upset. Peeved, even.

Well it turns out before he had a relationship with the man upstairs, he had more than a few relationships with the boy next door. On camera.

Which brings us to the photo on the right — the one that’s recently surfaced, shedding light on the antigay pastor’s gay porn past.

Santiago, who is 33 years old and now married to a woman, told the local media:

“In those days I was gay and participated in homosexual activities, but God touched me, God transformed me, God gave me a woman who loves me and she loves my past. I haven’t seen any of these films in years. I don’t receive any money for them and it’s part of a life that is over.”

Unfortunately, the correct follow up questions were not asked. We’d like to know:

1. Where did God touch you, Pastor Jose?

2. Tell us more about how your wife loves your past. We’ve heard of women who love gay porn, but this is the first we’ve heard of a straight woman who loves her husband’s gay porn. Care to enlighten us?

Here he is on the cover of Pride: Part 2. Not so proud today, is he?

pastor santiago2

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h/t Gay Star News

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  • charlie_jackpot

    More than likely getting it from some dude behind his wife’s back. I also find these porn scandals a turn on, like that Irish footballer – neither of the guys in that video would turn me on, but the scandal of it gets me going

  • enlightenone

    “In those days I was gay and participated in homosexual activities,…”

    Not a homosexual activity it’s a sex worker activity!

    I guess if you can get a major acting role on the TV show “The Arrow,” why not get get to be a pastor – a right-hand man of “God.”

  • MarionPaige

    where is the scandal if he admits to a gay past?

    Even if you assume that there are genetic defectives who are compelled to engage in homosexual activity beyond their control, THAT does not make homosexual activity proprietary. In other words, someone without the gay gene could have engaged in homosexual activity and then decided he liked something else more.

  • Cam


    Marion/BJ/JasonSmeds, you never miss an opportunity to defend somebody who is anti-gay.

    Thank you for being consistent.

  • Ladbrook

    Apparently taking advantage of spiritually starved retirees by promising them a diamond clad afterlife pays better than porn. Who knew?



    “genetic defectives”???…..We have to put up with that bullshirt in many different outlets. On a Gay site, sorry ain’t gonna ahve it…..Hows ’bout you go away you fcuking nasty crunt pig????

  • Desert Boy

    Why is it every time some dude claims he “used to be gay” but now is straight, he seems angry and is a bigot?

    If he’s living a truly authentic life, he should be the happiest son-of-a-bitch on planet Earth.

  • enlightenone

    @Ladbrook: “Apparently taking advantage of spiritually starved retirees by promising them a diamond clad afterlife pays better than porn. Who knew?”

    Or have to clean-up (clean-up good if it’s the money collected from his gullible congregants) afterwards or need to be overly concerned about getting an STD!

  • money718

    Another idiotic religious “conversion”….oh well.

  • tricky ricky

    he worked for Kristen Bjorn.

  • joey

    @enlightenone: what guy is on the tv show arrow that used to do gay porn?

  • joey

    @enlightenone: not sure if my other post made it so… what guy on the arrow tv show was in gay porn?

  • jimontp

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: It amazes me too. A gay website that dotes on underwear models and any hunky almost nude photo to get an audience, still permits a couple of consistenty homophobic assho-es to post their vitrolic comments. Any code of conduct rules for a gay site? No apparently not. Might as well have comments from Mike Huckabee.

  • Captain Obvious

    Even when she self hates she is fierce. You go, girl.



    Don’t get me started with that suddenly Constitution hating pig Mike Schmuckabee…………. :p

    @Desert Boy:

    Because these smcubags are submitting to pressure to denounce their true selfs, You and every other Gay person knows that we had absoultley no choice in our sexuality. There simply is no “off” switch that makes feelings you are born with suddenly go away. They are lashing out at their miserable lives and how they refuse to live their true lives…………………


    BTW: Does the hand and mouth placement on that microphone look familiar to anyone in the picture of the “straight” pastor????

  • DarkZephyr

    @Desert Boy: AMEN. If they are so happy being straight, then they should just be happy and stop attacking us. You are so right. Their angry desire to attack proves that they are NOT happy people.

  • MarionPaige

    @tricky ricky: “he worked for Kristen Bjorn.”

    Is there anyone who sees Kristen Bjorn models as being “gay men”? Maybe I’m alone but, all the years that KB has been around, I can only think of one “famous” KB model and that’s only because he appeared at The Gaiety. Thought most of them were Brazilians who in no way identified with anything Gay Identity. Hence, doing adult for KB may not even rate as a “gay activity” in some circles

  • Dawson

    One question—Does she use a strap on?

  • enlightenone

    @joey: Colton Haynes

  • jwtraveler

    @MarionPaige: So Brazilians aren’t gay, or gay men aren’t Brazilian? Which is it?

  • stranded

    @charlie_jackpot: LOL, totally agree

  • MCHG

    Well, I guess that’s the whole point of religious conversion, turning away from something. Who cares at this point. No matter how many advances are made in the gay rights front, some guys are never going to be comfortable identifying as gay. Also, isn’t “anti gay pastor” kind of redundant?

  • blackberry finn

    Money makes the PORNSTAR a clown the PORNSTAR a CLOWN, the PORNSTAR a CLOWN

  • JaredNorthcutt30

    Who cares? File this under we can’t have sex with this guy now, so let’s whine about it.

  • eyeownewe

    @vanfanusa: That LOOKS pretty gay to me, I mean with the whole dicks out out with other guys

  • MarionPaige

    The KB model I saw @ The Gaiety was Jao Pauzau. As I recall, he was using the name Bruno.

    My comment about “most of them being Brazilian” was in re Pastor Jose being Puerto Rican. KB was based in Brazil.

  • MarionPaige

    João Pauzão

  • MarionPaige

    “GAY” has been so Sullied by tired ass White Queens (with their BORN GAY, DADT, GAY MARRIAGE etc) us Black Folk need to adopt another moniker (like maybe Bitchless) just to alert the humanoid community to the fact that “we’re not with them”.

  • jason smeds

    Some men go through a phase where they do porn for the money. They have some attraction to men but the driving force for their participation is money. If it wasn’t for the money, they probably wouldn’t be doing men.

    I don’t begrudge this guy’s attitude to his porn past and I also think it’s great that his wife has accepted his past. A lot of women – including liberal women – would immediately disown a man who has had sex with men. Women find it threatening, even if it’s ancient history.

  • jason smeds

    Keep in mind that a man doesn’t need to be aroused to give another man oral. The giving of oral is an act that does not require arousal. If payment is a sufficient incentive, the act can proceed without any erotic attachment on the part of the giver.

  • Sluggo2007

    I’ll post my opinion on this when I stop laughing.

  • tdx3fan

    @jimontp: I am pretty sure I’m big enough to listen to some complete stupidity. I fail to see why it should be banned.

  • tdx3fan

    @MarionPaige: This is an interesting way of saying that you do not think that gay men can be cisgendered. Why not just come out and say it. You have no clue what the sexual identity of those models are… you assume they are straight because they fit the traditional male stereotypes.

  • tdx3fan

    @vanfanusa: That boy worked HARD!

  • tdx3fan

    @MCHG: No! Anti-gay pastor is far from redundant and that comment reeks of anti-religious thought. Bigotry is bigotry is bigotry. That being said, I’m not sure why anyone should be surprised by this guy… he went from selling fantasy to selling fantasy. Seems pretty consistent.

  • tdx3fan

    @MarionPaige: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Honey, I know plenty of black guys that are into marriage and equality. You are kidding yourself if you think opposite.

  • Cam

    @jason smeds:

    I see your other screename got attacked so you switched to this one. But once again, all of your screenames consistently defend anybody anti-gay.

  • Dev.C

    @jason smeds:

    You keep managing to miss everyones point, if he is in fact straight and only did it for the money and is now free and happy, then why is is necessary for him to down homosexuality and spread homophobia through his religion.
    He talks about a woman loving him and his past, but how the hell can he love a woman when he doesn’t even love and accept himself or his “past”.
    This is guy is a liar like all other “ex-gays” who want to punish and shame gay people for not being as weak as them.

  • Kangol

    @Desert Boy: H-O-M-O-P-H-O-B-I-A.

    That’s why they’re so unhappy and are pained to see other LGBTQ people happy. It tears them up inside.

    @MarionPaige: If you go to Kristen Bjorn’s site you’ll see he employs men from all over the globe. He also features interviews where a number of the models talk about being gay, bi, etc. All there, at your fingertips.

    @jason smeds is anti-gay trolling, people. Please don’t feed the troll.

  • dhmonarch89

    so, what was his porn name- I keep seeing this but no name to google to see an actual scene….

  • CFBear27

    @enlightenone: I’m sorry I was confused by the last part of your comment , who got a part on the tv show “The Arrow”?

    • enlightenone

      @gayambassador: Excellent source! Thanks for the link.

  • Larry

    This is very simple. There is MUCH more money in deceiving people for Christ than in gay porn.

    • enlightenone

      @Larry: “There is MUCH more money in deceiving people for Christ than in gay porn.”

      I agree, especially if you can deceive some gay boys that a guy who wants a dick in their ass and mouth and cum dripping out and say they are “straight” they can easily convince the gullible that you have direct access to “God!”

  • Boricuaex

    This guy is clearly a screwball who needs professional help.

  • SteveDenver

    In other words: he gave up gay porn because he “aged out” and nobody was calling, so he had to figure out another way to make money that didn’t involve working at an actual job.

  • NCSilverBear

    I was equally amused when I learned that many alleged “straight” porn actors acted in gay porn, and many alleged “gay” actors acted in straight porn.

    I guess some people will make the choice to do anything for money . . . does that determine one’s sexuality. It would be a difficult point to prove, one way or the other. And does it really matter to those who watch porn movies, as long as the “acting” is good and the bodies fit the required taste. Isn’t that true of the movie industry in general?

    So, this preacher has a past. I dare say, most of us have done things which we would not do today. At the very least, perhaps, wish we had not done when we were younger.

  • joey

    @NCSilverBear: i think we are all missing something really obvious when we go into the Gay for Pay thing anymore. at one time PERHAPS someone did it for pay, but with very few exceptions no one is really getting paid anything today to do porn….this is why i’m reluctant to believe the i’m str8 just doing it for money..there AINT NO MONEY in it anymore

  • NoCagada

    @jason smeds: Let us know when you actually experience it, son.

  • NoCagada

    @Larry: AMEN!

  • jason smeds

    Who are you to judge that he can’t love a woman? Frankly, it’s none of your business. Honestly, some gay guys have got the biggest nose-bleeds around with their heads stuck up in the rarefied air of self-righteousness.

    Let me make this clear: this pastor is perfectly entitled to choose to be married to a woman.

  • blackberry finn

    @MarionPaige: Without those “tired-ass white queens” the LGBT political scene would be threadbare, indeed. Seems like you don’t know where the butter for your bread comes from. Remember, sistuh, “No man (or queen) is an island..”

  • McShane

    @jason smeds:
    “Keep in mind that a man doesn’t need to be aroused to give another man oral. The giving of oral is an act that does not require arousal. If payment is a sufficient incentive, the act can proceed without any erotic attachment on the part of the giver.” – jason smeds

    This is the worst description of a blow job I have ever seen. It’s like a very uptight robot is teaching us about sex, an uptight misinformed virgin robot.

  • billforsyth

    What is it with some Americans particularly of the ‘Christian ‘ variety and their obsession with homosexuality .It seems hardly a day goes by without some rather shady pastor being rumbled for having a gay past in one form or another whilst preaching against it .

    Why do these same Christians never seem to preach on the things which Christ actually thought important eg poverty ,war and inequality which he was certainly against as opposed to homosexuality which not once in his time on earth did he mention .From a foreigner’s perspective it seems that like most things ,religion in the US is a business opportunity rather like porn in some respects .

  • BigG

    some people are so weak minded they will make any excuse to not be who they are . It’s almost always religion. We all know he will stray in time. They always do.

  • martinbakman

    @jimontp: The code of conduct seems to be don’t be too critical of the Queerty editors. They have thin skin.

  • Dave Downunder

    Didn’t Tom Katt also marry a woman and become a ‘straight’ minister renouncing his gay past now that he is no longer taking it up the ass for money?

  • aidanbh

    @MarionPaige: “Genetic defectives”? Some people don’t even try to hide their bigotry and their substandard intellect. Since evolution disposes of ‘genetic defectiveness’, and since there are as many homosexuals today as ever, maybe even more so, it fails to meet the criterion for being ‘defective’.

  • ubicomp

    He is obviously craving the delicious taste of dick in that photo. I’d be angry too.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @Dev.C: “You keep managing to miss everybody’s point…” Becayse everytime he clicks “Post Comment” he giggles. “What kind of reaction will I get this time?” Teehee! Just ignore him.

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