Striking back

Armie Hammer lashes out at James Woods’ latest homophobic tweet

Since the work dried up, creaky Hollywood blowhard James Wood has kept busy by firing off insulting conservative rants on social media. His latest crusade goes after consistently working actor Armie Hammer and Call Me By Your Name, the gay drama Hammer currently stars in.

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Wood is apparently outraged Hammer agreed to star as a 24-year-old scholar romantically entangled with a 17-year-old student (portrayed by Timothee Chalamet), claiming the film’s subject matter is “quietly chip[ping] away the last barriers of decency.”

To make his post that much more unpleasant, Woods hashtags NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association).

Hammer himself called out Woods regarding the tweet:

“Didn’t you date a 19-year-old when you were 60……?” he writes.

Indeed he did. After that, he dated another 20-year-old when he was 66.

She was recently arrested for felony drug possession, according to gay interest blog Towleroad.

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    • prarie pup


  • Ashke113

    James Woods is a washed up has been who wishes he would still get called for jobs. He is just trying to remain relevant and failing miserably……

    • balddude13

      You know what’s funny, one of the few James Woods performances that I remember seeing in a film, is when he played gay top ranking officer. I think he kills himself at the end, which is typical of a homophobic actor. I cannot remember the name of that film. Maybe it’s best if I don’t. If somebody remembers the name of the movie, please post it here.

    • pabloinla

      balddude13 asks which film James plays a gay ranking officer, well, reviewing the film “The General’s Daughter” in the Washington Post, “At Ease With Sleaze” by Rita Kempley; Washington Post Staff Writer; Friday, June 18, 1999

      “Nobody shines under the heavy-handed guidance of Simon West (“Con Air”), who directed this uneven adaptation of Nelson DeMille’s popular novel. James Wood hisses and prisses as the victim’s gay commanding officer. ”

      Perhaps James’ pseudo-life pseudonym might best be James Limp!

  • Low Country Boy

    I loved Armie Hammer before, but now I will follow him to the ends of the Earth and do his bidding. What an incredible slam.

  • Low Country Boy

    I also hate to inform Mr. Woods, but the age of consent in Italy is 14.

    • Nahald

      It’s also SIXTEEN in most of the United States. You would think Woods would be smart enough to know that. I presume not.

    • Sam6969

      It is more probably the homosexual part of the story that made him react like that.

    • prarie pup

      LowCountry, James Woods isn’t interested in learning about things that inconvenience his bigoted world view–like FACTS. Don’t waste your food stamps on that tragic clown.

  • Ken A.

    No such outrage when RIVERDALE depicted a 24 year old female teacher having a sexual affair with 17 year old male student, Archie.

    • Nahald

      That’s different, it was a straight relationship.

    • Donston

      The difference is the variety of depictions of heterosexual relationships. We don’t have that level of profile and variety. There’s one high-profile “gay movie” every other year (usually a “serious drama” made to win hetero-identifying actors Oscars), and that movie inevitably receives a lot of scrutiny.

    • geb1966

      Actually Archie was 16.,,so yeah, where was Woods outrage when that happened?

  • TomChicago

    I liked James Woods as an actor, nervy and intelligent. Then, this moldy heap of cranky, crusty opinions started to materialize as if coming out of the same guy I remember from the screen! What happened to James Woods? Where did he go?

    • jsmu

      TomChicago–He was never a good actor. Just another American notalent playing himself over, and over, and over again. The psychoses he displayed on screen are virtually identical to those he excretes into social media now.

    • Kangol

      He’s always been a far-right conservative. Always. He’s also hung like a horse. Just saying.

    • prarie pup

      He may be, Kangol, but that “horse” is 70-something, so, yuck.

  • NateOcean

    #NAMBLA North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes

    Clearly I’ve been mis-informed. Although this would explain several of the attendees at recent meetings.

  • Rich85

    There is a frustrating and ridiculous double standard when film and TV shows depict this type of romance. So the acclaimed “Call Me By Your Name” has riled up the likes of idiot James Woods and other conservatives by depicting a romance between a 24 year old man and a 17 year old young man. But when a similar storyline is depicted in primetime television between an older woman and teenaged male there is no such outrage and the situation is often played for laughs or titilation. “Desperate Housewives” “Life As We Know It” and most recently “Riverdale” come to mind. The last two depicting High School teachers having affairs with their male students. Did these storylines disturb Mr. Woods and others? Would Woods describe “Desperate Housewives” as the story of 3 suburban housewives and their pedophile neighbor?? Gimme a break

    • Jaxton


      You are so right – huge double standard.

    • wade.l

      Also in the first season of “Animal Kingdom” the detective encourages the older school teacher to have sex with the 17 year old schoolboy to gain information on his criminal family.

    • Jaxton

      Sorry – I meant Rich85.

  • JaredMacBride

    A NAMBLA member would go for a 17 year old?? I thought their cut off was puberty.

  • Phillip

    To show you how ignorant he is, NAMBLA is about little pre-pubescent boys or a pedophile organization. I would think a fictional story about a romance between a seventeen year old, who would be considered a hebephile and barely stretching it in some states of our union and a twenty-four year old, would be more correct, but to tag it with NAMBLA shows how much of an idiot Woods truly is.

  • Bob Amsel

    Armie Hammer gets more beautiful every day, as Jame Woods gets uglier.

  • dfwenigma

    I agree that 17 is a ridiculous age even for an on-screen paramour. It does reflect professional values so Mr. Wood will enjoy the publicity and I doubt he’ll feel much shamed. I’d like to remind folks though, that this type of behavior has been scorned since the Victorian era. Recall that Oscar Wilde was excoriated. And then move forward to the Bachelor when the first cougar relationship is introduced. When women take on men in the late teens (post-18, then beyond 19, 20) the male in the relationship is nearly given attaboys and the woman is rewarded for owning her sexuality. Having sex with minors that aren’t only children in age but children in mental state is beyond reprehensible. My personal opinion is that if we would see these types of co-dependent behaviors as sexual obsession and treat accordingly instead of the classic Victorian “perversion” we’d all be so much better off.

    In my humble opinion I don’t think Woods is a phenomenal actor – he’s very average in my humble opinion. So I would watch a movie he made unless I was dragged kicking and screaming. Alerting the public to the actor’s very wrong behavior and I hope to alerting authorities might be appropriate. But far worse has been judged to be art. Snuff films come to mind. Not my cup of tea – but some saw that as “art house” back in the day. And I won’t describe the myriad other films that some “freaks” really tend to like – most of them middle aged or more. Some men buy a sports car – other men engage in the thrill of illegal and shameful behavior.

    • Buie

      So, 17 is a “ridiculous age . . . for an on-screen paramour”? But you’re fine with that same 17 year old, at 18, to be killed in Afghanistan or Iraq? Also, “these types of co-dependent behaviors as sexual obsession”? I guess you are referring to the traditional heterosexual relationship, regardless of age being co-dependent. BREAKING NEWS: All relationships, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation, are co-dependent when human emotions are involved.

  • Nahald

    Anyone who is homophobic certainly has NOT grown up emotionally.

    • Sam6969

      Clearly they are not mature men

  • Daws

    As if Armie didn’t already have the looks and talent, he can check a fool too? I died xD

  • IanHunter

    LOL. Told him, and it’s the truth. I think James Woods would make a great Crypt Keeper as a future role.

  • He BGB

    I always hate it when watching a movie and this mamma’s boy pops up on the screen like last night it was Contact (Jodie Foster film). And he always plays an unlikeable a hole. And he is never the star thank god. Even Family Guy that seems to love conservative jerks uses him as a bastard to the Griffin family. But they are limited by how many celebrities are from Rhode Island, I guess. Thank you, Armand!

  • rbernard

    This isn’t the first time James Woods had something unpleasant to say about gay folks.
    James Woods definitely seems to have some homophobic hang-ups.
    All the homophobes I ever ran into had unresolved issues.
    People who are sexually well adjusted, aren’t concerned what other consenting adults do in bed.

  • Jaxton

    Call Me By Your Name is not a “gay drama”. There is no such thing as a gay drama. If there was, there’d be a dating site section for “gay drama wants to meet gay drama”.

    It’s just a movie with a variety of relationships, includind heterosexual ones, in it.

    As for James Woods, did he really date women who were young enough to be his grand-daughter?

  • Kangol

    I’m surprised no one picked up on Queerty’s shade: “according to gay interest blog Towleroad.” LOL gurlz, they regularly clean your clocks!

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      That was a lil’ shady.

  • Celtic

    Woods strikes me as a queer in denial. Not a full time queer, just one who wants to experiment. (Perhaps he actually has.) The problem with giving the likes of Woods face time is that it elevates him to celebrity status and feeds right into his narrow-minded persona just like that orange-haired monkey in the WH. People such as Woods become orgasmic when they see their name in lights (when their should in fact be in flames). Frankly, I like the gay life of an earlier era when few people knew so much about us and we were extremely mysterious to most of the hetero world. Yes, I admit we have made huge strides but along the way we have encouraged the likes of Woods, Trump, Sessions, Robertson, Perkins and a whole host of other hate-mongering demagogues.

    As for Armie Hammer, anytime Armie! Anytime! You are SERIOUS eye candy!! TOO F**KING HOT.

    • Donston

      Honestly, that post reads like something coming from a narcissistic, borderline kook who looks at homosexuality as “subversive” and “different”, which is part of the appeal for them.

  • Donston

    I will admit that it is aggravating that almost every high-profile “gay movie” has to involve some level of sensationalism, tragedy and/or “self-discovery”. And the age difference is minor a turn off. Who cares about age of consent?

    However, Woods is a vile hypocrite.

    • geb1966

      The age difference is only 7 years. The adult is barely into adulthood.

    • Donston

      There’s pretty big difference between a 24 year old and someone who is 17, and the relationship is treated as this romantic, beautiful thing of self-discovery and intellectual expansive. The dynamics just feels way too romanticized and phony, even if the film is great, which it apparently is. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, there’s only one high-profile “gay movie” every other year. And it always seems to involve tragedy, “self-discovery”, short-lived and “confused” relationships and/or “subversive” elements. It’s not about James Woods or the age of consent. It’s about a proven to be fvcked up industry that keeps pushing the same two or three notes, and ‘mo’s continuing to not ask for variation and evolution.

  • justyouandi

    Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.

    • alanballs

      @justyouandi: maybe, but you don’t get to decide what’s “right” for anyone else but yourself.

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    The location of this story is Italy; the age of consent is 14.

    James Woods has lost his edge and just tweets whatever he heard on the wing-nut-radio.

    • Donston

      Why does every time someone talks about appropriate age of sexual conduct people mention age of consent? I don’t think anyone has argued that the sex in the sex presented in the film is illegal. Over-focus on legalities and not morals or sociology is not a good look.

  • alanballs

    James Woods? Yuk….disgusting. Trying to get back into the spotlight. Step aside dinosaur.

  • toronto

    Update, an underage girl has revealed that James Woods tried to pick her up for sex. Nice.

  • [email protected]

    Armie Hammer is just that he is cool, beautiful, happy and young and talented, everything James Woods wishes he were. Follow his IG account and I am glad he doesn’t take mierda from has been, washed up and never had talent people. I like him even more after this

  • lauraspencer

    Not surprised that Woods is a jerk, but am I surprised that Hammer is playing 24. He comes off a lot older.

    • Buie

      . . . that’s because Armie Hammer is 31 today, but 30 when this movie was filmed.

  • DCguy

    Interesting that Woods knew so much about nambla.


  • Buie

    In 1992, year of my birth, James Wood starred in a film about Roy Cohn, chief counsel to Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the communist witch-hunt. Roy Cohn was an evil, amoral, deeply closeted, self-loathing homosexual. Sound familiar? BTW, Wood was very convincing as Cohn.

  • batesmotel

    Whose Arm & Hammer.

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