Boosie Badazz. Video Screenshot.

Rapper Boosie Badazz has rushed to the aid of fellow, embattled rap artist DaBaby, following the latter’s apology for homophobic comments. Badazz now claims gay people are trying to force young kids to grow up gay as well.

Badazz took to Instagram to rant about his views in a video clip that has now spread across social media. In it, he accuses the queer community of trying to ban artists, corrupt children and offend God.

Yes, really.

“It’s sad how y’all tryna force this gay stuff on the world,” Badazz ranted. “It’s sad. It’s sad how y’all tryna ban artists. Y’all sad, bro, it’s sad, bro. In 10 years, it ain’t gonna be normal for a kid to be straight. You know, it’s sad, bro. Y’all tryna force it on these kids, bro. You know? Pushing it on the artists, pushing it on all the biggest artists. You know why? Cause’ the kids love those artists. You attacking these kids.”

“The kids love these artists,” he continued. “So we gonna make all them promote this sh*t. We gonna make all them promote it. Who gonna follow? The kids. It’s sad, bro.”

“It’s sad. God doing backflips right now,” he concluded.

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Badazz also added the caption “the world is after your kids sexuality” to his original Instagram post.

Badazz’s Instagram rant follows another tirade last week, in which he accused Lil Nas X of trying to turn young boys gay, and of disrespecting straight people.

“Everybody not with their nephew sucking d*ck. Everybody not with that sh*t. You just can’t just put that sh*t on everybody and expect it to be cool,” he said on Instagram. “Nas X say he wanna perform naked onstage for charity. You don’t f*ck with him like you f*ck with DaBaby. You know, be even-sided, man, be even-sided. You don’t feel that disrespect? Going dance naked? You don’t think that’s disrespect in front of boys who tryna be straight? It’s totally disrespect.”

“If I’m at an awards [show] and he go up there naked, I’ma drag his ass offstage and beat his ass,” he continued. “You let a n*gga dance naked in front your children, you a motherf*ckin’ crazy motherf*cker—or you like d*ck too.”

Boosie Badazz is no stranger to homophobia, or to controversy. Last year, he admitted that he allowed his 12 and 14-year-old sons to watch pornography and receive oral sex from a grown woman, arguing that it’s healthier than watching “cartoons with two men kissing.” In February 2020, he also attacked basketball player Dwyane Wade for supporting his 12-year-old daughter’s coming out as transgender, saying “Don’t cut his d*ck off, bruh.” Apart from Badazz’s homophobia, he has also served nine years in prison on drug charges. In 2010, he also stood trial for first-degree murder, but was acquitted.

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