Are Bryan Singer And Olympic Diver Chris Mears A Thing?


The last we heard from famed X-Men producer/director Bryan Singer, he was announcing his upcoming fatherhood with best friend and Queer As Folk actress Michelle Clunie.

While we don’t have an update on Dashiell Julius William Clunie-Singer, who will be celebrating his second birthday soon (time flies), there is a potential bit of news in another area of Singer’s jet-setting life.

An Instagram photo from Singer’s account with British Olympic diver Chris Mears shows the two getting awfully chummy:

@mearschris93 sharing the #gold #olympics #goldmedalist #diving #uk #rio

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

And hey, maybe “chummy” is as far as it goes with the pair, but the interwebs have taken notice of the apparent intimacy in the snapshot.

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“Bryan’s hand is on Chris’s arm and it look like his other arm is laying on his leg. That’s a couple pose,” said one sleuth in a comment thread committed to the topic.

“They’ve been ‘friends’ for a while,” pointed out another amateur Sherlock, directing attention to a Twitter photo from May of the two:

Singer and Mears also attended Glee actor Matthew Morrison’s Halloween party last weekend, along with the likes of Taylor Lautner, JC Chasez and Chance Crawford.

We’ll have to leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions, but we can certainly understand Mears’ appeal:

A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on

A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on

A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on

Then again, Mears isn’t the first British diver to be spotted with Singer:

A photo posted by Joe Cant (@josephcant) on

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    Wow if true. And beyond fucking parody.

    Queerty don’t be linking Datalounge..we don’t need your scummy riff-raff! We got that covered

  • jdboston617

    Bryan Singer is a scumbag. Child molester central. Worse, he isn’t even out. He claims he’s bi and likes to date women. Ack. Poor kid. Ditch him immediately!!!

  • Chevelter

    Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round….

  • Pistolo

    For some reason my comments never post lately but I’m going to take a stab at this one…

    I saw a photo of Chris Mears in Ibiza on his Instagram a little over a year ago and it featured a member of Bryan Singer’s twink posse. Not sure how he’s pulled it off but Singer seems to have strung together a network of hot, young, aspirational bucks. A lot of them seem to have not quite made it or are somewhat famous or internet-famous (Lucas Dell, for instance). Mears is trying to be a DJ and producer so being part of this clique directed by a powerful gay (or bisexual) man is probably pretty attractive to him. But I wouldn’t invest too much into it if I were him- if you can be bought, you can be sold. It’s not leveled dynamic, it’s very transactional so I hope the sex is at least enjoyable.

  • strix1

    Look at the reflection in his glasses…his had is between Mears’ legs…that’s a couple…not that I care.

  • jkthsnk

    So after years of gay websites not captioning his name in ad nauseum Daley photos this does the job?!

  • ChrisK

    Shocking. You just know that he saw Dustins Lance Blacks teen bf Tom Daley and was green with envy. All this proves is that these gay-for-pay boys can be bought if you’re rich and/or famous enough.

  • ChrisK

    @jdboston617: I guess chasing after 14 yo’s at his infamous pool parties got old. Time for the pedo to settle down.

  • Captain Obvious

    Wow didn’t take him too long to consider all those little boys he cast in X-men too old to continue banging(and choking).

    He really does love them still reeking of baby powder. He’s seriously old enough to be these kids dad.

    I thought Kevin Spacey was bad(and he is) but Singer takes the cake offering up that casting couch for his lame movies.

  • Captain Obvious

    Looking at the actual pics of the party Morrison is also suspect. He always pinged but I found it odd I never saw him with any men his own age. No surprise that he’s friends with Singer… birds of a feather.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    I hope so – they look very happy and comfortable together.

  • CurlyMop

    I don’t know if the accusations are true but every time this “mans” name comes up I irrationally become angry and I wish we could know for certain. If he’s truly a child molester he needs to be brought to justice.

  • s

    If you can’t rape them, date them. That’s his new mantra

  • Louis

    Dont care Mears is gorgeous always has been and most of all hes supported LGBT rights for years as well as our community hes very open minded and intelligent.

  • mastik8

    If by “a thing” you mean have they been inside each other then yes, I would agree.

  • jdboston617

    @s: LOL. I think you mean… “buy them”, not “date them”

  • Mark

    Disgusting, Singer is scum.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @Louis: Are you implying he’s not gay?

  • ChrisK

    @Baba Booey Fafa Fooey: Mears has never identified as gay. Even up to 2015 he insisted he was straight with a girlfriend but ok with the gays.

  • ChrisK

    Come to think of it Singer has never identified as gay either. None of the boys he chased after did either. Maybe that’s why Mears cozy-ed up to him. Well, that and that whole gay for pay thing.


    @ChrisK: Isn’t he officially out as bi?

  • ChrisK

    Singer back in 1998 raped a 14 yo boy with drugs and alcohol. A few years ago we was sued for damages by the guy and the case was tossed for lack of credible evidence even though all of Singers pals are known pedophiles who used this same boy. One was even convicted of it and on the run. We all know Singer was guilty as hell.

    A few years ago a pornstar named Mike Dozer raped a 14 yo boy and will spend a good many years of his life behind bars. Just shows you what money and power means and how justice is usually only for those that can afford it.

  • ChrisK

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: Yeah, but that requires sex with women too. I’ve never seen a pic of him cozy’d up to any women or any of his famous sex parties where women were even allowed in.

  • dean089

    It does nothing good for the gay community if we are represented as constantly trying to turn everything into a salacious affair. It only makes us look catty and small.

  • mydude


    It does nothing bad for the gay community, either.

    I think people need to relax and stop entertaining notions that people gossiping on the internet reflect the gay community as a whole.

    It’s really old hat.

  • glennr

    Bryan Singer has ALWAYS had a taste for quite younger men. It was rumored that he attended sex parties at the mansions of Brock Pierce but was never really substantiated with a doubt. It just slid right off him even though there were lawsuits and he was named as a attendant. Every time you see an article or photograph of Bryan Singer, it is with a very very young guy, who, I am sure is not too far past 18. It is getting to the point where it comes across like “I’m Bryan Singer, look what I was able to get!” It really tires me. If Bryan Singer actually dated and was in a relationship with someone close to or his age and had a legit career like a doctor, nurse, lawyer, or factor worker, I would be so impressed and actually fall off my chair.

  • Doughosier

    Now I’m jealous! Chris Mears is the most beautiful guy in the world.

  • JamJewel

    Regardless of his own sexuality, Singer is a pedophile known for abusing str8 guys on his casting couch for over thirty years. He has been one foot away from being charged several times but always skirted away.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    @JamJewel: Those poor, innocent and pure “str8” (i hate that) guys getting “abused” bynthe big bad gay boogie man.

  • Eye of the Beholder

    Bryan Singer likes to force his boys heads under the jets in his whirlpool.

  • Black Pegasus

    How does this guy continue to get hired by studios with all the filth surrounding him? His legal cases are well known and the stories of his indecency has been solidified by many. His unyielding lust for baby faced young white twinks his disgusting.

    And I’ll never forgive him for royally destroying the X-men franchise with his horrible directing and casting choices.

  • Eye of the Beholder

    @ChrisK: “You ever notice that those that chase after the young never identify as gay. Interesting that.”

    Very true, and though I would rather the association never exist in greater society it does seem to imply a sense of unrealistic impunity about themselves concerning their actions.

  • talktalktalk

    what is this foolish boy doing? Brian Singer is creepy af

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