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Caitlyn Jenner says she would support Trump if he runs again in 2024

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner (Photo: Shutterstock)

In an interview with Fox News on Saturday, Caitlyn Jenner pledged her support to Donald Trump if he decides to run for President again in 2024.

In April, Jenner announced she plans to run as a Republican candidate in California’s recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom. That election is set for September 14.

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Talking on Fox’s Justice with Judge Jeanine on the weekend, when asked about Trump potentially running again, Jenner said, “If I was governor of the state of California, obviously, I would support him.”

The show’s host, Jeanine Pirro, then pressed Jenner on whether she’d support Trump if she were not Governor.

“Yes, I still would support him. I do not like what’s happening in this country right now.”

Jenner publicly supported Trump back in 2016 but has since been critical of his stance on LGBTQ issues, particularly his attempts to ban trans people from the military. Clearly, it didn’t bother her that much.

Although supporting Trump, Jenner has already said she’s not seeking his support in return.

At a press conference on July 10, Jenner was asked if she’d be seeking an endorsement from Trump. She replied, “No,” before adding, “I am a private citizen of the state of California, I have every right in the world to be able to run for this office and I am on the Republican side, obviously I’m on the Republican side. But don’t put me in this box, like if you’re in this box of ‘you’re a Republican, you have to think this way.”

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Trump has not yet announced whether he intends to run again in 2024 but has heavily hinted he may.

The former President told Fox News on Sunday, July 11: “I do know my answer but I can’t reveal it yet because that has to do with campaign financing and everything else. But I absolutely know my answer. We’re going to do very well and people are going to be very happy.”