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In case anyone forgot, OnlyFans model Jacob Wohl reminds everyone why he’s trash

Even though nobody asked, amateur conspiracy theorist/smear campaigner/OnlyFans model Jacob Wohl took a moment this week to share his firmly held beliefs on Jewish people celebrating Christmas.

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The 23-year-old, who is currently staring at a $5 million fine from the Federal Communications Commission over an alleged illegal robocalling scheme, took to Gab, the right-wing version of Twitter, to say Jewish people should decorate their homes for Christmas to help with “assimilation.”

“I firmly believe that every Jew in America should decorate their home with Christmas lights,” Wohl wrote. “It’s called assimilation. America is a Christian country.”

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In addition to be deeply anti semitic, Wohl’s remarks are ironic since Gab is supposed to be a space for people who have been banned from other social media sites to freely express themselves. Using it to tell a group of people to “assimilate” is literally the diametric opposite of what the platform was created for. Adding yet another layer of irony to the irony, of course, is the fact that Jesus was a Jew.

Though he’s banned on Twitter, a screenshot of Wohl’s Gab post has been making the rounds over there. Here’s what folx are saying…

Over the years, Wohl, who launched an OnlyFans page in 2020, has led several failed attempts at discrediting Democrats, including a 2019 Medium article falsely accusing Pete Buttigieg of sexual assault.

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Last August, the FCC slapped him and his buddy, right-wing operative Jack Burkman, with a $5.1 million proposed fine for allegedly targeting Black Americans in a robocalling plot to suppress 2020 voter turnout and help get Donald Trump reelected. Wohl has said he’s “never done any robocalls” and is “categorically uninvolved” in any artful scheming.

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