Christian Walker, son of Herschel Walker
Christian Walker (Photo: Twitter)

GOP candidate Herschel Walker has lost his Senatorial election in Georgia. Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock retained the seat, taking 51.4% of the vote (with 98% of votes counted).

At the time of writing, Herschel Walker had yet to concede. However, someone with plenty to say is his son, Christian.

Christian, who is same-sex attracted (he asks that people don’t call him “gay”), was an early supporter of his dad’s election campaign. However, that all changed when stories about Herschel’s past began to emerge, including the existence of kids he’s not previously publicly acknowledged. Christian also objected to his father’s push to portray himself as a righteous, God-fearing family man.

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After taking to Twitter a few weeks ago to detail his father’s abusive behavior toward his mom and him when younger, Christian has largely refrained from commenting on his dad. That all changed last night when it became clear Herschel’s bid for office had failed.

Begging Herschel Walker not to run

“The Truth: Trump called my dad for months DEMANDING that he run,” Christian tweeted. “Everyone with a brain begged him: ‘PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. This is too dirty, you have an insane past… PLEASE DONT DO THIS.’

“We got the middle finger. He ran,” he continued.

“Republicans, we say we don’t play “identity politics” and then you ran this man mainly because he was the same skin color as his opponent with no background other than football. A boring old Republican could have won,” argued Christian.

And there was plenty more.

Christian ended his Twitter rant by praising his mom for staying out of the political car crash that was his dad’s campaign.

Reaction to Warnock’s win

Warnock’s win means that the Democrats now have a 51-seat majority in the Senate.

LGBTQ advocacy organization Human Rights Campaign was among those to welcome his victory. Its President, Kelley Robinson, said in a statement, “It should not be lost on anyone that Senator Warnock’s political opponents spent millions of dollars attacking him for his support for our community. They have failed. Georgians rejected these reckless attacks tonight.”

Wanda Sykes pondered when Walker might concede.

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Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had urged Georgians to vote for Walker. She was one of the few GOP figures to concede defeat with a comment almost—yikes— measured and magnanimous in tone.

Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) were among the senior GOP figures to campaign consistently for Walker. Neither has yet responded to his defeat.

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