Cindi Loves Obama’s Gay Ways

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, Cindi Lauper yesterday endorsed Barack Obama. And, like the good gay ally she is, the singer explicitly mentioned Obama’s pro-gay politics:

I see in Barack Obama a real fighter for fairness and inclusion, a person who overcame every obstacle growing up to achieve an education and to become the leader he is today.

He battles against discrimination of all kinds, from race and gender to sexual orientation and gender identity. He is the most inclusive candidate who has a real chance at the White House that we ever have had. He is a true American who commands respect and more importantly respects Americans – all of us.

I believe that a President Obama would deliver on the promises that have been made to the LGBT community for so long, like inclusive workplace non-discrimination legislation, the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and finally the passage of hate crimes legislation that includes everyone, not just some.

Lastly, I implore you to share your lives with the people you love and care about. Your vote is powerful, but the work cannot end there. Americans are mostly fair-minded people, but are disconnected from the everyday struggles of your life.

Let those ‘True Colors’ shine, girl!