Lego store inside shopping mall

What are conservatives mad about today? LEGO store employees’ choice of pins, apparently.

The outrage began when conservative personality John K. Amanchukwu Sr. went into a LEGO store at his local shopping mall and spotted employees wearing pins showing the Progress Pride flag. He pulled out his camera and started arguing with them.

“Do you think children care about what man sucks dicks at home, and what girl eats vaginas at home?” he asks.

The employees start asking him to leave, but Amanchukwu doubles down. “Do you think they care?” he asks.

“I don’t think they think about that, personally,” the employee says.

“Right. They think about it when they see your pin,” Amanchukwu replies. Soon, security gets involved, but Amanchukwu doesn’t get kicked out before dropping all his favorite buzzwords, including “pedophilia,” “grooming,” and “child abuse.”

Amanchukwu posted the video to his Twitter page, writing, “This is another form of indoctrination. What does your sexual preference have to do with cheap plastic toys made for kids?”

Again, literally all that happened was some employees were wearing rainbow flag pins — but sure, let’s call it “indoctrination.”

The video was reposted by conservative media mogul and talk show host Charlie Kirk, who captioned it, “WATCH: This father confronts LEGO for promoting LGBTQ agenda to children, then gets thrown out by store security. Why is LEGO doing this when its products are designed for children?”

Luckily, you can always count on Twitter to put bigots in their place in hilarious fashion. Plenty of folks pointed out the obvious: the employees weren’t being inappropriate in a toy store, but Amanchukwu, who immediately starting yelling about genitalia and sex acts, definitely was.

Then there’s the matter of basic decency. Retail workers have to deal with enough without people making a scene over some innocent pins — and if Amanchukwu’s problem is with LEGO, he needs to take that to the company’s leadership, not to some random employees.

But of course, LEGO is LGBTQ+-inclusive, so Amanchukwu wouldn’t have much luck there, either. The company released its LGBTQ+ set, titled “Everyone Is Awesome,” in 2021, along with a set based on Queer Eye later that year.

Meanwhile, back in Amanchukwu’s comment section, users were forcing him to face his greatest fear: pretty colors arranged in rainbow order. Truly horrifying!

And when all else fails, some good old fashioned insults always do the trick.

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