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Daniel Franzese’s Awesome Mom Has A Message For Antigay Haters On Facebook

With his scene-stealing work in Mean Girls and on Looking, Daniel Franzese has long been one of our favorite performers and as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, he’s also one of our most-admired do-gooders. Now we see he comes by his positive energy naturally. After reading and listening to some of the bile and vitriol being spewed all over social media by the right wing wackadoodles who were appalled that SCOTUS ruled for marriage equality (you know, like this lady), Daniel’s mom got upset and recorded a message for all the haters.  The lesson here is: Never cross an Italian mother.

Check out Mama Franzese’s video below.

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  • Xzamilio

    These are the kinds of Christians I love. Still regard religion as nonsense, but when you see good people taking this iron age nonsense and stripping it of its immorality, you have people who make the religion evolve along with them. You’re better despite your god, not because of it.

  • jppatrick59

    I Love Her!

  • Billie Long

    I adore you and your Mom. Such a sweet family!! Xxoo

  • Michelle Ann Meyer

    Love is love. You got a good Mama Danny!!!!!!!

  • Shane White

    -I want to be FB friends with your moma. She is wicked cool. Well so are you. I see the connection now. :-)

  • Beth Zaremba

    Denise speaks a lot of truth but what she should have said about the finger pointing is that you point a finger at someone you have 10 pointing back to you! Be who you are, because who you are is beautiful. :)

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    As always, I fall back onto my position :

    If God is Love?! Then true Christians spread a message of love, tolerance and inclusion.
    Those who spread the message of hate, intolerance and exclusion?
    Who are they speaking for?
    The dude downstairs? Think about it.

  • Barbara Nejeidi

    I saw the video. Good job Denise. People are idiots. Love you Danny, I remember you coming to my nanny’s house on West 9th st with your grandpa and you would recite the ABC’s. Lol

  • Heather Marburger Moseman

    Awe this made me cry! There is no hurt like what is felt when your kids are being bullied. ??

  • John Hansen

    Give your mom a hug from all of us. She’s a gem!

  • Brent Davis

    What an amazing mother you got! ???

  • brianrio66

    Can’t argue with that Mom! She’s amazing!

  • Julie Porowski

    Good kids come from good parents! She raised you to have the same compassion that she does! Bless you both!

  • Debbie Gilbert Briggs

    your Mom is an awesome amazing woman. She is obviously very proud of you and she is someone to be proud of as well

  • Marlana Marinaro

    This was awesome and I agree with everything she had said. What an amazing mother and woman in general! ??❤

  • Nick Weichsler

    I adore your Mom. I wish every gay kid out there had such an amazing mother to believe in them, and tell them that nothing is wrong with them, and that they’re loved. ???

  • Rick Amador

    Ur mom rocks bud. Love her. Sweet words

  • Cormi

    Thanks mama. You’re helping a lot of people by saying this. :) <3

  • David Gemmell

    Love the video hope it helps young gay lads understand it’s not wrong being gay xx

  • Maggie Rose

    I watched the video, your mom is amazing! I already am an advocate for the lgbqt community, but your mother is an inspiration! You go Glen Coco!

  • johnson02118

    John 14:2
    Everyone is welcome. There is no fine print. He does not list exceptions or exclusions or conditions.

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