Did Buju Banton Lose Grammy Award to Bob Marley’s Son Because of His Gay Hate Lyrics?

Did Buju Banton lose the Grammy award for Best Reggae Album because of all that pressure from GLAAD and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, making a big stink about lyrics that call for the murder of gays being something the Recording Academy shouldn’t reward? Or because he didn’t have the best record?

Or is it because he’s en route to becoming a convicted drug felon?

The Best Reggae Album instead went to Stephen Marley, son of Bob, who beat out his own brother Julian. Stephen won in 2008, for his debut Mind Control.

Either way, Buju couldn’t attend the 52nd annual awards show in Los Angeles. Because he’s in a Florida prison

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  • terrwill

    Slowly but surely Gay karma is rearing its head. Be intersting to see how that scumbag slug Buju “adjusts” to prison life……
    I suggest a title for his next composition:

    “Bitch Bujus Butt’s Bleedin Bad” …….. : P

  • Qjersey

    I know websites depend on advertising. But a straight couple hawking St. Lucia in a floating ad on every damn page. Really.

  • terrwill

    @Qjersey: I have sent emails to these two, Expedia advising I will never again use their services. Because of this maddening ad which locks up your computer and urges Gays to go to an anti Gay destination. And to st lucia informing them that a nation with laws on its books that put Gays in prison really won’t get many travelers from a Gay site………

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Both replied back saying they would look into…….please send your own emails……….

  • RomanHans

    God, do I hate that stupid St. Lucia couple. Non-moving ads I can deal with: it’s something about those idiots showing up in the corner — actually, like, walking into your window — and addressing me directly that’s irritating. Plus, for some *odd* reason they don’t have a “close window” button.

    And Terrwill, I totally agree: anybody who goes anywhere that has laws against gays is an idiot. Another gay cruise to the Caribbean got in trouble the other day. Color them surprised! Why, they thought the Caribbeans had decided just to harass gay people, rather than imprison them.

  • god son

    @terrwill: u all are going to die god as a plan for u gays try change ur lives now and when u see buju being freed what will u say then. man and woman thats wat brought u here not man and man so it can never be right

  • Mike

    @ God Son: don’t try to talk with cum in your mouth. It makes you sound stupid.

  • terrwill

    @Mike: If I said you took the words out of my mouth would that be applicible?? : P

  • romeo

    I wish Queerty would put a moratorium on Buju stories now that he’s in the slam. The stories just attract all his fellow mental defectives and clog up the sparkling prose here. LOL

  • jason

    With all the outrage over the nomination of Buju Banton, it was amazing that not one gay guy turned out to protest. Where were you? Still recovering from the previous night’s drug bender at the all-night dance party? Sounds like it.

    It’s increasingly obvious that gay protest these days consists of internet whining and nothing more. Instead of getting your butts out in front of the Grammy venue, you sit at home and do basically nothing.

    As a community, gays deserve everything they get. You simply don’t understand the power of protest. You’re too timid, lazy and drug-affected.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Jason was there to see that not one Gay showed up – BTW – It’s a Gay Population NOT Gay Community to be splitting hairs!

    On Buju Butt-wipe – Some people can handle their weed and some people get a drug psychosis resulting in paranoid delusions. So, what Gay would even want to look twice at that flea factory of filthiness?

  • SamK

    GLAAD, GMAD (Gay Men of African Descent), NBJC (National Black Justice Coaltion), Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center and all the LGBT centers, civil rights groups and anti violence groups who participated in the petition campaign against Buju Banton’s fourth Grammy nomination and who signed the full page ad in the 01/29/10 issue of Variety have done a great job and deserve our thanks.

    Not just LGBT people, but all who oppose hatred and violence should thank GLAAD, GMAD, NBJC, NYCAVP and all those other 20 plus groups that participated.

    The campaign has helped to raise awareness of this whole problem. If Mark Myrie,aka “Buju Banton,” does get incarcerated for his alleged, drug-related crime, there are many more of these virulently anti LGBT performers. See “Dancehall Dossier” (and there are even more of these “kill LGBT” performers than just the eight in “Dancehall Dossier”)

  • SamK

    We should assume that Stephen Marley’s album “Mind Control Acoustic,” was just the best of the reggae albums that were nominated, and was selected on merit.

  • steve

    Lets the bs rumors run rampid and a new generation of the gay community be just as misinformed as the last about buju. Let them think he is an evil, hateful man. Don’t even dare listen to his music or attend a concert. Now lets feel as though we know what this man represent and presents to his crowd. Read only online and watch the handful of concerts in which boombye was played. lets assume he played those songs to inspire hate against gays instead of seeing how an interlude to the song was played without the antigay lyrics so that he can explain to the crowd the situation outside, the protest. Hold on to the bs for your life depends on it. You are a hate mongering gay protester, protesting the right to peaceful assemblies and creating a negative atmosphere in the face of positive music. I’ve seen many gay people within the buju concerts who overlook the bs that attempts to fragmentalize minorities. Please join the gay community that does have their head up their own a**. If you don’t remove the your head from your own a** i believe we know whose a** will be bleeding and it wont be buju’s.

  • SamK

    Mark Myrie, aka “Buju Banton,” is a talented musician who continues to promote disharmony from the stage, especially outside the U.S.

    There is absolutely no reason to believe that Buju Banton is not a foaming-at-the-mouth homophobe and is as homophobic now as he was in 1992. There isn’t even a hint that he has changed his views of LGBT people or that he doesn’t fully agree with Leviticus 20:13.

    He can sing a nice song, but his reputation as a hater is well deserved.

    LGBT people are lovers. And we actually love Buju, though we don’t much care for his calls for our mutilation and deaths.

    If some LGBT people actually like hearing calls for their own mutilation and death, well, we love them too. That is their freedom, to enjoy music from people who want to see them dead.

  • girl friend

    I am an advocate of freedom, was raised happily by a lesbian mother and also am a Buju fan. I wonder if any of you have even listened to the album that was nominated, Rasta Got Soul? It is perhaps one of the gentlest, most conscious Reggae albums ever made. The anti gay lyrics that have everyone upset were not from songs in that album, they were from music that he made a good 15 years or so ago.

  • SFPol

    @girl friend: hey girlfriend,

    buju called for your mom’s death, refuses to apologize, and has let that song become the international anthem of gay hatred. think about that next time you’re grooving away and protesting about how conscious he is.

  • jagga

    buju was right and i love him for speaking the truth about botty boyz….they are a scourge on the earth and should be rehabilitated or put out of their misery

  • Realist

    I was lookin at the hype around buju, seein as he is a amazin artist (bar some of his pointless hatred hyped songs) and a link took me to this—-

    I aint gay but i have been called gay because of how i was brought up, polite honest carin hardworkin guy, so i know how it feels to be re-jected and hurt for no real reason.imangine your mum or someone you respect and love the most rejecting you for something,anything which you could not change about yourself, if the person you looked upto the most finally got the courage and told you they were gay would it change everything, would you not respect them or love them nomore, would you hate and push them away?? But since bein attacked and hated on, i have come to notice that my views have changed and so has the worlds! Im not saying its right, nor wrong. Do as you wish but dont bother me or bring hatred to me.thats what i think, many of the people who hate me for thinkin im gay (even though im not) i can guarantee im loyal friendly and not selfish, never dicriminate whether its colour race sex or whatever and you would eventualy realise im one of the nicest people you will meet, who will respect you stay loyal listen and help when needed an give advice when i can. And ive noticed from some openly gay people (regardless what they do, i dont want, nor need know) they are supportive, iron to lot of my straight friends they dont have no unfair or discriminative beliefs of any kind. Im 19 an i think its about time people stop focusing on what people are eg, black,white, gay,straight, chinese,muslim, african,german,jamaican, disabled, religious, etc. and focused on what type person they are within, towards them, are they loyal,sharing, good friend, trustworthy, hardworking, good/bad,liars, racist, bad/good influence, two-face,hatefull, waste, funny,nice, carin, soul mate etc. And it would help everybody, I dont hate no-one not even my own enemy, i just despise and pity some people ,but not for who they are but how the are to me and how they treat other people. Thanks for takin time to read. love all music-learn and laugh ,live your life -stop all hatred-stop discrimination

    -United Kingdom, England

  • ewe

    I certainly hope he lost this award because of his hateful rhetoric. Homophobia should not be celebrated. He should lose his platform. He is not an artist.

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