DOMA Defenders Finally Give Up

You can probably think of a lot of fantasic ways to spend 3 million dollars, but House Speaker John Boehner probably found the worst possible way: throwing it all away of a failed attempt to defend DOMA.

Well, it’s all in the past now. The law is gone, Republicans have announced that they won’t try to defend similar anti-gay laws, and it’s a happy ending for the LGBTs. (And also for the lawyers. Don’t spend it all in one place.)

There’s still plenty of work to be done, since anti-gay laws remain in dozens of states. But even the redder ones are coming around: new polling in Virginia shows encouraging growth in support. And New Jersey’s never been friendlier to equality.

And over in England, where homosexuality was first perfected, marriage equality is finally the law of the land. Or at least it will be after a year-long waiting period. Plenty of time to pick out china patterns!