Dr. Oz gambled it all and lost when he went full MAGA and ran for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania last November. Now, he’s trying to get his sh*t back together by pretending that whole 2022 thing never happened.

In recent weeks, the 62-year-old heart surgeon, who lost to Democrat John Fetterman by almost five points, has begun pivoting back to being a doctor again–attending health conferences, visiting schools to talk about nutrition, tweeting about nurses, and talking about addiction recovery.

“I spoke about my 20 year commitment to raising awareness about the importance that parents & teachers speak openly to teens about the dangers of addiction,” he tweeted on Friday, along with a clip from his Instagram Reels addressing teen drug addiction.

Unfortunately, people aren’t yet ready to accept him back into their lives after he said he would “get men out of women’s sports,” praised “Don’t Say Gay” bills, and called transgenderism a “false science” on the campaign trail last year. (Oh, and mocked his Fetterman for having a stroke, which most everyone agrees wasn’t very doctor-like.)

Here’s how they’ve been responding…

The Trump-endorsed TV doctor received a similar reaction to another tweet last month when he posted about his recent visit to a charter school in Philadelphia, where he talked about nutrition and wellness.

Here’s how people responded to that…

Oz had been widely projected to win against Fetterman in November. But in a shocking turn of events, he lost by 4.9 points, handing over control of the U.S. Senate to Democrats and embarrassing Republicans in the process.

Shortly after the epic loss, Radar reported that he was trying to relaunch his old TV show, which he walked away from after declaring his candidacy. But a former producer said it was likely never gonna happen.

“No one in the mainstream will touch him,” they said. “You can’t alienate half of your audience with a political stance and expect to bring in an audience on your return to television.”

Months later, Oz still appears hellbent on trying.

Per The Daily Beast:

Judging by his and his family’s social media presences, it seems Oz isn’t worried about maintaining the Pennsylvania brand he tried, and largely failed, to cement during the campaign. For the most part, it appears he’s been morphing into a Florida man, spending time in his Palm Beach estate.

Nowhere to be found, however, is any indication is the same person who spent last year campaigning with Donald Trumpdecrying the “failing economy, crime-ridden streets, and our energy crisis,” bashing transgender athletes, and vowing to fight “against the woke liberal mob.”

While his medical, television, and political careers are all dead, there’s one thing Oz still has: that embarrassing video he recorded inside a Wegman’s where he bitched about crudité and blamed President Biden for the rising cost of carrots. That will live on forever. And ever.

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