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It’s no wonder rich, gay Manhattanite Bryan Eure supports Donald Trump, even in spite of the president’s anti-transgender policies: Eure allegedly thinks “transgender is gross.”

The commercial insurance broker, who was just featured in The New York Times as a gay Trump fan, reportedly made a now-deleted transphobic comment in an Instagram reply to drag queen and activist Marti Gould Cummings.

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In his comment, Cummings critiqued Eure’s support for No. 45. “This is shameful and disgusting,” he wrote. “Chelsea didn’t wave at you, Hillary didn’t take a photo so you jump ship … The incredible privilege you have shows in this article. You could be using your wealth to help transgender people [whom] Trump is actively discriminating against or you could use it to help families seeking asylum. You are both gross.”

And that’s when Eure apparently replied with those three hateful words.

Captioning a screenshot of the exchange, Cummings wrote, “Hey @euregram you can delete your reply but just to remind people that you posted it — here ya go.”

As Queerty previously reported, the Times profiled Eure and his husband, Bill White, as a “liberal couple” who became “two of New York’s biggest Trump supporters.” The duo, who once hosted a fundraiser for former President Obama and supported Hillary Clinton in the last election, told the newspaper they turned coat on Election Night. With America’s decision made, they contended, it was time to “get behind” the new President. (Never mind that popular vote!)

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In the hours since the profile went live, social media users haven’t minced their words about Eure and White.

Even New York Times opinion columnist Michelle Goldberg trashed the couple in an op-ed for the newspaper, calling the two men’s support for the current president “shameless, unvarnished thirst.”

“Trump is hardly the first politician to attract self-serving followers,” Goldberg added. “But Trump is unique as a magnet for grifters, climbers and self-promoters, in part because decent people won’t associate with him.”

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