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Everything You Know About ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Is A Lie


There’s shrouded in secrecy, and then there’s whatever the hell is going on with the upcoming season of American Horror Story.

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Ever since a series of 5-, 10- and 30-second teasers began taunting viewers back in July, fans have been concocting theories as to what the next theme will be — particularly once FX CEO John Landgraf confirmed that only one of the 24 ads dropped a hint that should be taken seriously.

So is it the malignant baby carriage? The murderous extraterrestrials? The awful hands reaching out from beneath them creaky-ass stairs? We won’t find out until the season premiere (which airs tonight, September 14th).

“We did want to ignite discussion,” FX head of marketing Stephanie Gibbons tells The Hollywood Reporter, “and I can tell you we have always had an incredibly robust social community with AHS because it’s that kind of show, but this year, the fans did share and exchange and debate more and there was a lot more social activity.”

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Gibbons admits the teasers are basically trolling.

I felt we would play on two aspects of the human helix: Desire to know, the curiosity to find out what you don’t know; and perhaps more importantly, the notion of how powerful withholding is to the human psyche. Often wanting is more fulfilling than having.

Theories have abounded, with some fans speculating that the show will focus on the lost colony of Roanoke, be a spin on Stephen King’s short story The Mist, or stand as an anthology like The Twilight Zone that jumps all over the map. Gibbons isn’t letting anyone know one way or the other.

“I love that they are enjoying the process how we hoped the fans would,” she says. “Once you’re wondering what something is and anticipating something, your mind takes a very special trip.”

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Maybe Lady Gaga‘s new single “Perfect Illusion” isn’t really a single at all, but merely another hint as to the unbearable horrors that await. That would explain a lot.

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