Former GOP Senator will serve serious prison time for soliciting 17-year-old boy

Former GOP state Senator Ralph Shortey from Oklahoma, who resigned in disgrace back in March after being caught redhanded with a 17-year-old boy in a motel room, has pleaded guilty to a charge of child sex trafficking.

By taking the plea deal, prosecutors dropped three additional charges relating to child pornography.

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Shortey was busted with the boy in a Super 8 motel room in March. It was later revealed that he had offered the kid cash for “sexual stuff.” Police also uncovered text messages between Shortey and the teen, who he called “baby boy,” referencing bareback sex.

The investigation also uncovered evidence that he posted several Craigslist ads “attempting to solicit young males for sexual contact.”

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“Need a boy or bromance,” two different Craigslist ads read. “Looking for younger the better (legal) white or mixed.”

During the 2016 GOP primary, Shortey was the state Trump campaign chairman.

By pleading guilty to the charge, he faces a minimum sentence of ten years. The maximum sentence for child sex trafficking is life.

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  • JaredMacBride

    In Oklahoma the offense carries a minimum ten year sentence. He should get an additional ten for taking the kid to the Super 8 Motel. Real class there.

  • DCguy

    It all makes sense if you realize that GOP stands for “Gang of Pedophiles”.

    • JaredMacBride

      Shortey was just following in the footsteps of your Democrat heroes Barney Frank and Gerry Studds.

    • JamJewel


      By his own account, in 1989 Barney Frank admitted he had patronized a male prostitute then hired the man for household errands. When Mr. Frank was away, the prostitute, a convicted drug and sex offender, used the Congressman’s Washington apartment to run a sex service. As soon as he learned what was happening, Mr.Frank himself asked for the House ethics committee to investigate and he was exonerated though censured.

      But I think you are mixing Mr. Frank up with the Barney puppeteer who was also accused of being a pedophile. though that never stuck either.

      But ofcourse, your version appears only in right-wing and scandal media, much like the child trafficking ring in the pizza parlor. I am actually surprised you didn’t throw the George H. W. Bush propaganda rumors in here as well.

  • Paco

    Queerty, you forgot to mention that this “mostly straight” married guy was also against gay rights, like most of them are.

  • Stache

    But what about George Takai? Ha. Thought I’d save the Homocons here the time.

  • Jaxton

    If he was a Democrat, most of you would be describing the sentence as homophobic.

  • GayEGO

    Oh my! A Republican sexually molests a 17 year old? Such a shock! That being said, I notice the Republicans deny while the Democrats apologize!

  • gayand gray

    First : the boy was of legal age for Oklahoma. Second : He has been selling his body since he was 14, which his Father was fully aware of. Third : His Father was sitting in the Police car watching the motel where the two had a room. Forth : Both were fully clothed and had not had sex when they knocked on the door. They are trying to make a big deal out of this to show how all gay men are pedophiles. This was only two adults having consensual sex.

    • Ed

      So, if the 17 year old was of legal age in OK, why the “child” sex trafficking charge?

    • Stache

      This show’s nothing. It’s only an issue for guys that say “the younger the better”. Even shorty doesn’t consider himself a gay man so why should we?

    • Stache

      Oh and who cares if the kid was selling his body since he was 5. It doesn’t in any way justify it.

  • Bob LaBlah

    The reason why this is happening is because the Oklahoma GOP is sending a message to its members that if you are gay you had best do a better job and covering up what your sexual preferences/perversions are. It would not shock me to learn that they already know of a few more cases that might get exposed and how embarrassing it will prove to be.

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