Gay Protesters in Europe More Polite Than U.S. Gay Protesters


Not that we don’t love us those screaming queens that chuck pies at Ann Coulter and shout throughout her speeches, w e also approve of our gay brothers and sisters over in Poland who staged a massive protest against their president, Lech Kaczynski, but as soon as his speech began, they quieted down and remained respectful.

Kaczynski later spoke without interruption after one of the activists was permitted to speak from the podium. “He shares responsibility for violence against gays and lesbians,” said Holger Wicht, editor of Siegessäule, a Berlin gay publication. “This person is an inciter. He is stirring up Catholicism, which leads to exclusion.” Several protesters stood in the back and held placards while Kaczynski spoke but did not interrupt him, and there were no clashes with police or the Polish leader’s entourage. Kaczynski had refused parade permits for gay rights marches during his tenure as mayor of Warsaw.

Of course, Kaczynski is a grade A homophobe so if we had been there, you can bet a pie would’ve been thrown. Actually one would have been eaten and another would have been thrown but you get the gist.

Gay activists protest speech by Polish president in Berlin [Advocate]