laying it on thicc

Gay Redditors have nothing but big love for guys with beefy hairy bellies

Stocky guy holding belly

After one Reddit user raved about guys who are “hefty, chunky, bara, etc” in an r/askgaybros post, others joined him at the altar of our larger brethren.

That Reddit user asserted that he’s bi and that he “f*cking swoon[s]” over big bois.

“You could definitely say I’m into bears,” he added. “I can’t explain why they’re so hot to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?”

Only one? Hardly.

Just check out all these hot-and-heavy comments from the thread, which we have tidied up for grammar and brevity but otherwise left in their thirsty glory…

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Laying it on thicc:

“There’s something really sexy about a big guy who’s completely comfortable with the way he looks. It’s a body-plus-personality thing for me.”

“They’re just nicer guys and don’t really give off bad vibes.”

“I personally only like bears. I like the big belly—it makes for an amazing pillow, feels amazing when spooning, [and] the extra pressure when they’re on top just makes the sex incredible. Then their furry bodies are so amazing to caress. The subtle sensation of the hair really makes me happy. More often than not, they’re also warmer, so I also enjoy all of the warm body contact. Bear guys are just purely top-tier.”

“Oh, totally, yes. Snuggle-able and so nice and warm to hug when sleeping. Bonus: Usually really nice ass.”

“Some people see a guy with abs and think, ‘He’s hot.’ Other people see a fat guy and think, ‘He’s hot.’ Personally, I’m in the second group. I don’t know why. I just am.”

“They’re incredibly cuddly, and feeling up their body is incredibly satisfying.”

“They’re hot. People of all sizes and builds can be hot. It’s about how they use their body (not even sexually, just day-to-day) that makes someone attractive.”

“Big hairy bellies and bara tiddies do monstrous things to me. They also have much better personalities.”

“Hairy, stocky guys are hot. They are great to cuddle with. I love brushing my hands or putting my face against a hairy chest. Sweaty, hairy chests during sex are so hot. They also tend to have hands that give great massages. … Ones that I have been with tend to soft dom.”

“They are many times a bit more down to earth and nicer. I’m not offering ripped abs, and I don’t expect others to have them either.”

“I love bigger, chubby, guys. I’m one of them.”

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