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Thighmasters: Our favorite male celebrity thighs ranked

Three-panel image. On the left, Antoni Porowski smiles in front of a white background with slicked back brown hair in a black collared shirt. In the middle, Paul Mescal softly smiles in front of a red background wearing a white V-neck. He has messy brown hair and a brown mustache and goatee. On the right, Morgan Spector smirks in front of a white background. He has spiky black hair, thin facial hair, and a black shirt buttoned up to his neck.
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A wise man once said: thicc thighs save lives. And judging by our current heart rate, we’ve got to agree.

It was only a matter of time before men’s gams started getting the acclaim they deserved. After all, we’ve been saying, “Don’t skip leg day” for years now!

The movement may have originated within the LGBTQ+ community, where we adopted the short-shorts styles of vintage athletes as a means of showing off some skin and avoiding Fire Island humidity.

However, it certainly hit the mainstream in 2021 when Vox coined the term “Thigh Guy Summer.” (Thank you, Milo Ventimiglia, for your work.)

If Ventimiglia is a pioneer, he’s got a legion of straight and gay male celebs following in his footsteps –– from Winston Duke to NHL player Dylan Larkin who’s proudly owning his “hockey butt.”

Across the world, we’ve seen a rise in exposed male flesh as short shorts sales rise and dudes everywhere rush to the gym to get their squats on.

Praise the lord.

Turn on the air conditioner because it’s about to get hot. Here are 10 of the best male celeb thighs ranked.

10. Morgan Spector

“Opera wars” and late 1800s high society has never been this hot. Morgan Spector, the new daddy du jour from HBO’s The Gilded Age, has been leaning into his crushworthiness by disrobing in a video for Interview Magazine and sporting athleisure for a recent photoshoot.

Still, his true, break-the-internet moment might just be this recent selfie from the gym on his Instagram Story. The 43-year-old sported a vintage tee depicting his onscreen wife Bertha, portrayed by Carrie Coon, and socks. (Very important!)

But we’d be lying if we said our eyes got that far.

9. Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski’s thighs are some something that can actually be so personal.

This Queer Eye star is known for his kitchen quips and Instagram exploits, but it doesn’t take a group of five fabulous gay men to recognize that he does not skimp on leg day. Leave it to a culinary connoisseur to whip up a snacc anywhere.

8. Omar Ayuso

Elite is coming to an end, but out Spanish actor Omar Ayuso –– and his legs for days –– are just getting started. The 25-year-old has already blessed us with a handful of thirst worthy editorial spreads, like this pit-tastic shoot for Behind the Blinds.

But this recent leggy pic shared to Instagram made him a lock for our list. It’s safe to say that much like his show, Ayuso’s gams are elite.

7. Chris Salvatore

Chris Salvatore played a pivotal role in the lives of many LGBTQ+ people as Zack in campy queer film franchise Eating Out. And it’s safe to say this bearded beauty and his OnlyFans account remain just as important to us today. Case-in-point: the thick and hairy stems that he loves to show off on Instagram.

6. Gus Kenworthy

Insta babe and Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy is no stranger to thirst traps. And as he told Attitude, “I’m a very, very sexual person and I’m very open about it.”

That being said, this moment from RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 4 continues to live rent-free in our minds. Tube socks have never looked better!

5. Taylor Zakhar Perez

All hail our First Son of the United States! Taylor Zakhar-Perez has quickly become a universal object of thirst after gay rom-com Red, White & Royal Blue dropped last year.

And while we love his hairy butt and missionary moment as much as the next gay, it’s high time we give his meaty thighs the appreciation they deserve.

4. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas, you will always be famous. While the 31-year-old has been busy touring with the Jonas Brothers and being a literal father, he will always be one of the gay community’s resident (straight) daddies.

As a wise social media user once wrote, “If Captain America’s ass is America’s ass, then Nick Jonas’ thighs are America’s thighs.” Poetry!

3. Donald Glover

We’re seeing yellow! Actor, writer, and rapper extraordinaire Donald Glover gave us a heart attack after he was spotted rocking a pair of short shorts in New York City back in 2022.

It was a moment the internet will not soon forget –– and the pics resurface on social media annually as a reminder for gays to swap out their closets. Tankfully, Glover (and his legs) have recently returned to our screens in Prime Video’s new series Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

2. Henry Cavill

The lore of Henry Cavill‘s thighs run deep. Our favorite Superman has even been known to destroy the inside seams of pants with his sheer amount of rippedness.

Although focusing on his lower half might be selling the 6’1″ actor short. According to a scientific report (read: social media), just about every part of Cavill is perfection.

1. Paul Mescal

We can’t talk thigh masters without mentioning this Irish heartthrob. The All Of Us Strangers star’s stems got on our radar after thirsty paps caught him sporting exceptionally short shorts on multiple occasions. (“I need [him] to come over and choke me with his thighs,” one user wrote. Another christened him “our Princess Diana.”)

However, his pantsless Gucci campaign really solidified his spot as an eternal object of Gay Twitter X thirst. We can’t tell whether he’s trying to sell loafers, white socks, or these chairs. And honestly, we don’t care!

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