Good sportsmanship

Get intimately acquainted with the U.S. bobsledding team’s thirstiest shares

If you aren’t already obsessed with the US bobsled team, we have a question: What the hell is your problem?

Time to set things right. Close out of your social media accounts, go offline on Scruff and Grindr and Jack’d and Hornet, and really commit to getting your affairs in order — by scrolling through dozens and dozens of photos of muscular athletes.

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They’re prepping for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018, which is timely enough, so you don’t have to feel like you’re some sort of complete and utter ogling creep. You’re not. You’re a great person.


Luis Moreira (Somerville, Massachusetts)

I was sitting on the couch tonight with no training scheduled for today and a lot on my mind. What did I resort to, the weight room. The best therapy known to mankind, IMO. I left the house with no plan, just showed up to @destinationdallastexas and started my dynamic warmup…mind you it’s a bodybuilders, powerlifting gym, so that gets people looking ?but it’s my home gym and I feel completely comfortable there running around like a damn ??. After that I just decided to get a sick pump ?like an absolute savage @1manthrillride baybee Time to get some food, get some rest and tackle tomorrow. #redwhiteandlou #staythecourse . . . #setgoals #smashthem #eatfaces #nutrexba #betterbodies #speed #power #doyouevenpush #getsome #combat #veteran #vet #military #militarymuscle #army #paratrooper #eightydueceontheloose #airborne #standuphookup #bobsleigh #teamusa #olympicsport #instagood #instagramers #instapic #ruleyourself

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Evan Weinstock (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Merry Christmas!

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Nate Weber (Pueblo West, Colorado)

Carlo Valdes (Newport, California)

Nic Taylor (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Justin Olsen (San Antonio, Texas)

Steven Langton (Melrose, Massachusetts)

Take care Hoosiers. Thanks for a great weekend! #?

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Opening day hog of a bronzeback in WI. #? #? @wdnr

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Chris Fogt (Orange Park, Florida)

Codie Bascue (Whitehall, New York)

Can't believe I let @meechameech do this! First time I've had short hair in 8 years!

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Hakeem Abdul-Saboor (East Orange, New Jersey)

Sam Michener (Portland, Oregon)

Nick Cunningham (Los Gatos, California)

Sam McGuffie (Houston, Texas)

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INSPIRED by my PAST, MOTIVATED by my FUTURE. @usabs @teamusa @underarmour

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