The Google search for Velma from Scooby Doo celebrates her as gay

In case you missed the news earlier this week, the character of Velma Dinkley in Scooby Doo comes out as queer in the latest movie.

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In Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!, the beloved, long-running character is shown going googly-eyed when introduced to another woman she obviously finds attractive. You can watch a clip below.

To commemorate this iconic moment in LGBTQ representation (even if it’s something most people suspected since the show first appeared in 1969), Google has done something special.

Go to Google and type in ‘Velma’ then press return.


The search engine will produce news stories about Velma being same-sex attracted. It will also rain pride flag and lesbian flag confetti across the screen.

The Google search for Velma produces pride flags

There’s a button at the bottom of the screen to repeat the confetti trick.

Thanks to Twitter user @rafayfay for alerting us to this neat move. His tweet has gained over 110k likes at the time of writing.

Many Twitter users were charmed.

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This isn’t the first time Google has done something like this. In June 2021, Google also showered the screen with pride flags confetti if anyone searched for ‘Pride’ or ‘Pride Month’. This seems to be a tweaked version of that, with extra lesbian flags just for Velma.

There’s no knowing how long this effect will stay on Google, so here’s a screenshot video in case it disappears soon.

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