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A trans man has been sharing his story about how a one-off “Grindr hook-up” led to an unexpected pregnancy and the birth of a beloved child.

Ash Patrick Schade, 28, of Huntington, West Virginia, told the New York Post he’d been transitioning for two years, taking testosterone and estrogen blockers, when he discovered he was pregnant in February 2020.

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Ash, a mental health worker and PhD student, said he was shocked as he knew the chances of falling pregnant while taking estrogen blockers was extremely rare.


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However, he says he “fell in love with my bump” and stopped taking the hormones to give birth to his daughter, Ronan Shiva.

“I was going through a rough time from 2019 and 2020 and struggled with my mental health due to going through a divorce. I ended up going on Grindr hook-ups and accidentally fell pregnant,” he said.

“It was a huge shock, but I fell in love with my bump and pushed through the pregnancy, despite struggling with the dysphoria and medical risks.

“Ronan is my everything, I love her more than myself.”

Ash said he’d struggled to find a doctor at first.

“Nobody wanted to take my case when I first found out I was pregnant. I was such a high-risk case, with a lot of potential for the pregnancy to go awry.

“But once I was assigned a doctor, he worked with me to understand how I was feeling and what I was going through.”

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Ash is now raising his child with his new husband, Jordan, 28, a stay-at-home stepdad. Ash met Jordan a month after discovering he was pregnant.


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“Throughout the whole thing I had the love of my husband Jordan supporting me throughout, he even cut Ronan’s cord, he’s been there every step of the way.”

After giving birth, Ash underwent top surgery. However, he says he’s putting off further gender reassignment procedures for the time being as he wants to have more children.

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