Celestial bodies

Gus Kenworthy and bf Matthew Wilkas let it all hang out on Fire Island

Gravity can’t keep Gus Kenworthy down.

The decorated freestyle skier regularly defies the mortal constraint by launching skyward only to somehow manage to land unscathed.

But the Olympian has been soaring to great heights in the off season, too.

In a set of three photos, Kenworthy and his boyfriend — Gayby actor Matthew Wilkas — are dressed for the occasion on Fire Island. (Wilkas, btw, is also cast as the star in the upcoming Boy Culture: The Series, which has a Kickstarter campaign going right now.)

And while very few are likely reading the caption, Kenworthy writes:

*Carrie Bradshaw voice* With a Galaxy for a phone and a star for a boyfriend, I couldn’t help but wonder… Do I just need space?

These are some awe-inspiring celestial bodies, indeed.