Celestial bodies

Gus Kenworthy and bf Matthew Wilkas let it all hang out on Fire Island

Gravity can’t keep Gus Kenworthy down.

The decorated freestyle skier regularly defies the mortal constraint by launching skyward only to somehow manage to land unscathed.

But the Olympian has been soaring to great heights in the off season, too.

In a set of three photos, Kenworthy and his boyfriend — Gayby actor Matthew Wilkas — are dressed for the occasion on Fire Island. (Wilkas, btw, is also cast as the star in the upcoming Boy Culture: The Series, which has a Kickstarter campaign going right now.)

And while very few are likely reading the caption, Kenworthy writes:

*Carrie Bradshaw voice* With a Galaxy for a phone and a star for a boyfriend, I couldn’t help but wonder… Do I just need space?

These are some awe-inspiring celestial bodies, indeed.

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  • drelocks15

    Seen it. Over and over and overrrrZzzzzzzzz and over.

    • cabe

      Exactly. How narcissistic and or desperate for attention do you have to be to constantly post half naked pics of yourself every day of the week?? Gus is the new Kim Kardashian.

  • Jere

    Once again, someone at Queerty needs to look up the definition of “all.”

  • trelin

    As much as I want to hate on them, it’d be because of sheer jealously. They’re a beautiful couple that happens to want to hire people to take pictures of themselves to share on social media.

    Just remember that the grass is always greener.

  • Armiya

    Hey Queerty, do your writers and editors actually ever write something worthwhile anymore? Is it a constant circle jerk to find nothing but men in speedos because in your one sided editorial world, that is all gay life is?

  • Kieran

    Just once I’d like to randomly page through a People magazine in a dentist office and see pictures like this in it.

  • kent25

    Wow! Fire Island what better place to take a Gay vacation, I love It
    Gay men on queerty? I can’t believe ! We’re Queer but I like this

  • Kieran

    Don’t you love these pathetic queens who eagerly click on this story and then post a bitchy comment about how “nobody cares”? If you don’t care why are you here commenting moron?

    • rmarin776

      I think many of us are clicking on the story just to add our voice to the conversation about what should/shouldn’t be (over)valued in our community. The obsession with looks has got to stop. It’s so painful, especially for many gay men who are coming out and looking for community – only to find that being seen requires fitting into some sort of almost unattainable box.

      Of course, we all appreciate beauty. But the gay press would have us believe that only a certain type of guy (a particular white gym body type) is beautiful. And that beauty is the only thing we have that could be of value.

      It’s really sadder than most of can articulate, and I think most of us know that. I hope we keep speaking up.

    • dre_brown

      Don’t you love when vacuous queens get their garters in a bunch when someone makes a comment in the comments section?

  • Spike

    Can we please go back to that time/place when there was no FB, Instagram or Twitter.

  • Terrycloth

    Why dosen’t Gus just copyright his name..anyone who writes anything about him he will make money OR writers might stop altogether……

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