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Gus Kenworthy shows Ellen his battle wounds, but nobody’s looking at the bruise

Stopping by Ellen, out skier Gus Kenworthy expressed his excitement for the upcoming Games, including meeting all the other athletes.

By “other athletes,” it’s safe to assume he primarily meant the Team USA bobsledding team.

And while this year’s Games haven’t started yet, they’ve already been successful for Kenworthy.

He and figure skater Adam Rippon are the first two out gay men to compete on Team USA for an Olympic medal. Win!

Gus already has major sponsorship deals, including this Head and Shoulders commercial that is the first to feature the rainbow pride flag in a national spot. Win!

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And he’s primed to ski the best he’s ever skied, even after working his way back from a pretty intense injury.

He showed Ellen his battle wounds, which conveniently came in the form of a drool-worthy underwear shot:

Here’s the rest of the interview, which features even more goods: