In 2014, two of the world’s worst parents were caught on camera physically assaulting their gay son, just moments after banishing him from their home over what they believe to be his “chosen” and “ungodly” sexuality.

It was a visceral and shocking reminder that many LGBTQ youth still face horrors at home, often resulting in being kicked out of the house.

Below, hear from guys who’ve taken to Whisper to open up about their experiences:

My parents kicked me out when I was 14 because I'm gay. Despite being homeless, I graduated high school, went to college and have a great career

My parents kicked me out because I'm gay BUT they moved me into an apartment and still pay for my food, education, rent, etc... I don't know what to think. They must still love me right?

My parents kicked me out of the house for being gay. It's been years and they haven't tried contacting me. Should I stop caring?

My parents kicked me out for being gay. If they didn't, I wouldn't have met the man I have now

Just got kicked out my house for being gay and doing drag. You're meant to love your child no matter what.

I'm gay, and just got kicked out of my house because my " lifestyle" is sinful. #brokenfamily

Sometimes I wish life wasn't so stressful... Hate feeling so alone after being kicked out of the house for being gay...

My entire family won't talk to me and kicked me out of the house. Why? Because I'm gay.. like did I just change to scum of the earth all because of who I fell in love with?

My parents kicked me out at 15 for being gay... my older brother accepted me and took me in. This experience has made me stronger than ever... and I'm proud of who I've become.

My step dad kicked me out of the house after I came out as gay My own mom didn't even try to stop him

When my dad found out I was gay he kicked me out then forced me to move back in

My dad kicked me out of the house almost two years ago because I'm gay. We don't talk. I'm actually glad he's no longer part of my life.

I am living at my boyfriend's house after my parents kicked me out for coming out as gay.

I pretend that I'm just happy to get rid of my parents after they kicked me out for being gay. But in reality I really, really miss them, almost every day.

I got kicked out for being gay so my boyfriend's family is taking me in. I have so many mixed feelings.

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