tumblr_n6zxj3oPNR1qgnp30o1_500-360x240A heterosexual Reddit user by the name of Nevermorec is seeking advice about the ins-and-outs (pun intended) of anal penetration. In a thread titled Guys, and Gals of Reddit, what about Pegging/ Prostate Stimulation?, Nevermorec politely writes:

Ok, I’m a straight male, but there’s gotta be something to this. A million Gay men can’t be wrong, right? I kinda tried it, but I feel maybe my gf at the time just didn’t know what she was doing. Is it really a “certain spot” or are you supposed to feel good the moment anything is in your ass? How does this work? I don’t wanna cum on my prostate exam and not know why, so reddit, educate on the prostate stimulation phenomenon, please. Thank you.

User salamandrine is quick to correct Nevermorec on a few points: “Firstly, gay men aren’t gay because they like anal sex, but because they like men,” he writes. “Secondly, prostate stimulation is about stimulating the prostate (duh)…Pegging, on the other hand, consists of being penetrated with a dildo…Thirdly, you don’t cum in a prostate exam.”

Prostate stimulation advocate nofocusing offers his perspective, writing: “I’m straight and love prostate stimulation. My most powerful orgasms come that way. I have to be in the mood for it though, and it’s not that it instantly feels good, but it leads up and helps to deliver an incredible orgasm.”

CantStopStaring seconds nofocusing’s opinion, writing: “Wife sucked me off last night and buried her finger in my ass until she found the prostate; she massaged it rhythmically while alternating vigorous and gentle sucking techniques. I saw rainbows, heard oceans, and came like the fountain at the end of Ocean’s Eleven…It’s not gay — it just feels REALLY FUCKING GOOD.”

Self-proclaimed “straight male” kaeroku says: “Can confirm, prostrate and sphincter nerves are arousing once you get past the ‘ick’ factor of playing back there…Lube is recommended.”

Calebmke opines: “Straight male, highly suggest you try it. My best/strongest orgasms were all from anal play.”

“I don’t jerk off without anal stimulation anymore,” WelcomeIntoClap adds. “Well, I didn’t until a few weeks ago when my prostate just stopped responding to anal, no idea what that’s about.”

But it’s PsychotronicStooge who seems to have the most ecstatic response: “My GF knows just the right spot and when she hits it I EXPLODE!”

After all that encouragement from his bros, will Nevermorec make the plunge with his girlfriend? We’ll keep you posted.

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