With Halloween on the fast approach, and as we get out our supply of marvelously queer Halloween movies, Disney has just added fuel to our excitement by announcing that Hocus Pocus 2 is in the works. The original 1993 movie earned scathing reviews and died at the box office, only to find a second life as a cult film. Star Bette Midler now performs her character, Winnie Sanderson, in concert, and Disney puts the Sanderson Sisters out as costumed characters in their theme parks for Halloween.

How appropriate that a Halloween movie should become an undead hit!

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Yet with a sequel on our minds, we can’t help but think that a new story of the Sanderson Sisters should require a few special ingredients to the brew…

The Sanderson Sisters

Scribe Jen D’Angelo, who is working on the script for Hocus Pocus 2 has said she wants the original trifecta of actresses–Bette Midler, Kathy Najimi and Sarah Jessica Parker–involved in the film. We have to agree: Midler, Najimi and Parker are the biggest reason to watch the original Hocus Pocus, and any attempt to do a story without them would be pointless.

Musical Numbers

Midler has a show-stopping musical number of “I Put a Spell On You” in the original movie, which proves to be one of its biggest highlights. In short, we want more. Imagine Midler, Parker & Najimi crooning out “Sweet Dreams” or some such tune. Can we buy tickets yet?

Thora Birch

very young Thora Birch served as the protagonist of the original Hocus Pocus. Now that Birch is an accomplished actress in her own right, we demand she gets in on the action. Picture it: an adult Dani must do battle with the Sanderson Sisters once again.

Doug Jones

Nobody recognized Jones’ name back in 1993 when he appeared in the film as the corpse of Billy Butcherson. Now, thanks to Jones’ work in movies like Pan’s Labrynth and on Star Trek: Discovery, he’s become a respected actor. We want to see him back too. His character may be dead…but then again, wasn’t that always the case?


Some of the best lines in Hocus Pocus go to Thackery Binks, an immortal victim of the Sanderson Sisters transformed into a talking cat. We want his cattiness (excuse the phrase) back for round two.


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