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If the idea is to get the gays hype for yet another Jurassic Park movie, someone in the casting department at Universal Studios is a clever girl

This week, it’s been reported that out heartthrob Jonathan Bailey is being eyed for a lead role in a new chapter of the Jurassic World franchise, a “fresh take” that would apparently not feature recent series stars like Chris Pratt (yay!) or original trilogy icons like Laura Dern (boo!).

Bailey, fresh off his Emmy-worthy run in gay historical drama Fellow Travelers, will soon be singing his heart out in the highly anticipated Wicked movies, and this potential Jurassic-sized role seems to herald his arrival as the gay blockbuster movie star we’ve been waiting for.

Considering all the noise he made just for showing up at CinemaCon in a sparkly blue top, it would appear Bailey’s major moment in the spotlight has already arrived.

But wait, there’s more!

According to some widely circulating rumors, both Dev Patel and Colman Domingo are potentially up for roles, too, with the latter star reportedly being courted to play the movie’s villain (presumably a human villain, mind you, and not some genetically engineered dinosaur).

Patel, of course, just showed us what a smokin’ hot ally he was with his trans/inclusive action flick Monkey Man, while Domingo continues his streak as Hollywood’s most booked and busy queer trailblazer, chasing his Rustin Oscar nomination with roles in Nat King Cole and Michael Jackson biopics, Netflix conspiracy thriller The Madness, and indie festival darling Sing Sing. Honestly, the question remains whether or not he’ll have time for a visit to Jurassic Park!

But our point is: Bailey, Patel, and Domingo in one movie??? If this is what being queer-baited feels like, we actually want more of it, please.

Precious few plot or characters details are out there thus far, but, if cast, the trio of gorgeous gents would be joining box office boon Scarlett Johansson (who, sure, has made some missteps in the past, but is also known to slay when duty calls). Gareth Edwards—who is no stranger to big-screen spectacle thanks to his work on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Godzilla, and Monsters—is set to direct the sequel.

Here’s what Gay Twitter™ has to say about the potentially exciting news:

Notably, the Jurassic Park franchise does have a history of making space for LGBTQ+ actors—and, no, we’re not just talking about Laura Dern’s iconic Dr. Ellie Sattler look. (Not for nothing: Khaki shorts and a salmon button-up tied at the waist remains a perfect Halloween costume).

Out star BD Wong’s Dr. Henry Wu has been an essential piece of Jurassic lore since the ’93 films. And while the character has had quite the chaotic arc (going from ally to villain to remorseful antihero), at least Wong’s been living his best life—he married his longtime partner in 2018!

And the 2018 sequel Fallen Kingdom introduced park technician Franklin Webb, played by queer cutie Justice Smith, who also appeared in the most recent Jurassic World Dominion.

Oh, and how could we forget: All of the dinosaurs are gay, too!

Until we learn more about the yet-to-be-titled Jurassic sequel, we’ll just hold on to our butts and hope that the franchise continues its streak of casting queer actors—and that it actually lets Bailey and Domingo get to play queer characters, too!

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