Urges Others To, Too...

Iranian Lesbian Speaks Out

Gay life in Iran ain’t easy. Earlier this year, the conservative police force raided a birthday party and arrested dozens of suspected queers.

Though most of the men and women have been released, the Islamic nation’s still a den of homophobia – a fact 48-year old Taraneh knows all too well. Living in Europe, the 48-year old lesbian’s been arrested, beaten and tortured for her lady loving.

Now, Taraneh’s breaking her silence…

Though psychologically violated and heart broken, Taraneh refuses to let fear hold her back. She recently sat down with UK Gay News for a candid, deeply disturbing interview, in which she says:

I have been violated my whole life without anyone ever hearing my voice. I have lived a life I did not want. I have laughed for others so no one would know what was inside me. Believe me; I am ashamed that so far I have not been able to relieve this pain.

I am alone. Even here I am afraid, and I think it is this fear that isolates me. A strange fear is my constant companion.

If I could, I would rescue all lesbians [in Iran] and bring them here. It has been years that our screams have died out and not reached anyone’s ears.

Don’t let Taraneh’s story go unnoticed. Head on over to UK Gay News and read her revolutionary interview.

It’s also worth noting the interview opens with this note:

To all the lesbian women of Iran:

As of this day we will walk in the path of freedom, hand in hand, with linked arms, firm steps and heads held high. We will break the chains that bind us – chains of captivity, chains of fear. With solidarity, strength, and pride we shall stand up for life in freedom. The time of censorship, oppression and isolation has come to an end. The time has come to speak courageously of injustice, tyranny, and violation. If you and I don’t air our cries of pain and sorrow to the world, we will die in a prison of terror. With one voice let us convey the problems of a lesbian Iranian woman to the world. If you and I remain silent, not only our rights but those of countless others shall be sacrificed. What are you waiting for? Together, let us cry freedom.

Could an uprising be around the corner? We sure fucking hope so. Maybe Taraneh and her lesbianic pals can join up with Aswat, the Palestinian lesbian group. Can you imagine the drama that would make