Is This Really All Barack Obama Has to Say About Uganda’s Kill The Gays Law?


SOUNDBITES — “The president strongly opposes efforts, such as the draft law pending in Uganda, that would criminalize homosexuality and move against the tide of history.” —A statement from the White House submitted late Friday night, and thus far the Obama administration’s only public comment on the planned state-sponsored extermination of LGBTs in Uganda. No promise of action, no denouncement of President Yoweri Museveni, no threats to withhold aid to a country approving identity cleansing. And no, the State Department’s “guidance” missive does not count as action. Neither does the White House’s statement, which is so brief and lackluster, it’s almost funny.

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  • terrwill

    What these savages from that cesspool of a country are
    doing is no different from what the nazis did to the Jews
    prior to the holocaust..WE NEED TO IMMEDIATLEY CEASE SENDING
    ACT ON THIS……………..

  • Mike L.

    Dispicable. How can that little insignificant statement move anyone to take him seriously. Would he say the same thing if such a bill were propositioned here in the states?

    HA! And it’s not even him directly, it’s from the whitehouse where the comment isn’t comming out of his lips in camera.

    Sometimes I feel somewhat ill thinking that I voted 4 him. I’m still hoping pres, less you keep making me sinical with you lackluster performance/leadership regarding civil rights issues among many other things.

  • andy

    Obama has already lost my support because of his track record on Human Rights. Sad to say I donated some 2000$ to his campaign only to be slapped in the face repeatedly. No way am I voting for him again and I’ll be talking about this to all my straight and gay friends until the next election.

  • InExile

    Yawn……Gotta love the late Friday night White House news dumps, everyone knows that is the time to dump a story that less people will hear about. Is it possible the hopey changey one is still running full speed away from us gays?

    Isn’t it sad that for this White House to speak out on our behalf they have to be shamed and pressured to do so?

    We need a primary challenger for the 2012 election.

  • romeo

    @ InExile #4: He was elected in desperation because of the economic collapse. Now that he’s showing himself incapable of solving ANY problems, he won’t be re-elected. The Democrats will lose in 2012 unless they come up with someone else. The Democrats need to come to terms with that and start looking for a credible primary challenger. There’s nothing in the Constitution about parties having to run incumbents.

    I have no love for the Democrats anymore, but the Republicans are far worse, not only for us, but for the country as a whole. Republicans are thieves by nature. The thieves collect under the Republican banner. Another Republican administration, at least in our era, will destroy this country. They cannot help themselves. It really is as simple as that.

  • InExile

    #5 I agree with you, we cannot afford another round with the republicans. They say no President has ever been re-elected with an approval rating of 47% or below and he is almost there. It took Bush 7 years to reach where Obama is now so he does look like a one termer.

    The problem is the democrats will probably support him anyway taking us all down with him. We really needed someone with more experience, he is in over his head.

  • romeo

    We needed Hillary.

  • YellowRanger

    Kucinich 2012!

    Or, should he fail to secure the nomination, I’ll be writing in for Cobra Commander. At least with him I don’t have to settle for the lesser evil.

  • wondermann

    This is so silly. He actually says something and it’s not good enough, but if he didn’t, he’s Satan.

    Folks get a grip, please.

  • InExile

    #7 AMEN

    The training wheels are falling off the tricycle.

  • michael

    America is in the middle of a great lesson that began with George W. Bush and now continues with Obama. That lesson is that opposites are not always opposites and that those who stand on both sides are actually the same. There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans nor their followers. Do you see outrage and protests coming from the left about torture, indefinite imprisonment or LGBT rights or any other human rights? No. All the left cares about is health care and all the right cares about is stopping it. Americans are a sad lot who only care about what is in their back pockets. The U.S. is a spiritually bankrupt nation and the inner world is manifesting itself in its outer world. It is going to get worst, another economic collapse will come in the fall. There will be new revelations of immoral conduct that will expose someone(s) and people will be completely gobsmacked by these revelations. The U.S. is about to embark on a year that will bring it to its knees. Go ahead, say that I am crazy, we only have about 10 months for you to see what I say is true.

  • Marvin

    I too am impatient with Obama’s as yet unfulfilled promises to the GLBT community. But, he has to tread carefully here. The Ugandans have turned this perversely into a “We’re taking a stand against postcolonialist bullying” issue. The Administration must apply pressure in a way that allows Ugandans to withdraw this legislation while saving face. That sucks, but the alternative could be disastrous for gay folks in Uganda. The satisfaction of reacting unprudently to this heinous legislation, like the cowardice of doing nothing at all, could be paid in GLBT Ugandan lives. What’s needed is grown-up diplomacy, for which I count on Obama much more than the previous administration.

  • Jacob

    I am so angry at the moment with these dickhead Ugandan’s that even thought about introducing this legislation. GRRRRRR yes we should totally not support them anymore…withdraw our funds. Why should we help them when theyre not even helping their own people. Thats why we’re sending funds, its to help the people there but OBVIOUSLY they have other plans.

  • Storm Christopher


    See recent blog posts at http://www.JointheImpact.com and http://www.conversiontherapy.blogspot.com for details regarding this boycott of Ugandan Coffee. The boycott is just one response to Uganda’s draconian “Kill the Gays” law, which is expected to pass Uganda’s parliament in the next few weeks.

    To the list of coffees included in the first post, please at UGANDAN DELICIOUS PEACE COFFEE. This coffee is currently distributed in the United States by the Thanksgiving Coffee Company, located in Fort Bragg, California. The motto for this coffee is “Not just a cup – but a JUST cup.” However, there is no justice at all in Uganda for gays and lesbians.

    Drop this business a note or call them to tell them you why you will not buy their product and that they’re supporting a homophobic and oppressive government.

    Thanksgiving Coffee Company •
    Mail Order (800) 648-6491 • Wholesale (800) 462-1999
    19100 South Harbor Drive, Fort Bragg, CA 95437


    Uganda is on the verge of passing a horrific new law that would sentence gays and lesbians in that country to death or life inmprisonment. It would sentence people who know homosexuals and do not report them to three years in prison. Rachel Maddow has covered this proposed “Kill the Gays” law extensively on her program, and news stories about this massive human rights violation are all over the internet. This law has not yet passed the Ugandan parliament, but no one doubts that it will.

    What can we here in America do? Uganda’s national budget is extremely dependent upon foreign aid, and the United States provides a large portion of that aid. Contact your legislators and senators. Insist that they take notice of what’s happening in Uganda and urge that, if this law passes, all American foreign aid immediately be discontinued.

    But we can do more. We can boycott Uganda’s largest export product, and that’s coffee. Particularly, it’s coffee made from Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.

    Do not buy coffee labeled Robusta or Arabica without consulting the label. These are the two primary types of coffee grown in Uganda. If the label says Uganda, put it back on the shelf and inform the store owner why you will not buy it.

    Starbucks is a huge purchaser of Ugandan coffee. Let your local coffee shop know about this law. Inform them that you won’t be buying any coffee product from Uganda. Ask them to discontinue that coffee.

    Dean & Deluca, an upscale specialty store with locations in many major cities, carries a variety of Ugandan coffees.

    Millstone Coffees also distributes brands made with Ugandan beans.

    Boycott any coffee labeled “Ugandan Gold,” which is produced and distributed by an Evanglical Anglican group in Uganda and distributed by Old Time Coffee Co out of Middlesex, PA.

    Boycott any product called “Ugandan Mountain Coffee,” which is distributed by Coffee Legends, Inc.

    Act now. Don’t wait. Enlist your friends and spread the word. Boycott Ugandan Coffee.

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