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Jake Gyllenhaal tells fans he’s marrying Tom Holland

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal

This bit of news might seem unbelievable were it not coming directly from the source: Jake Gyllenhaal says he’s marrying Tom Holland.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home stars announced their upcoming matrimony on Instagram, and Gyllenhaal kept things succinct:

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“Forget the Biebers… We’re getting married,” he wrote, followed by the heart and wedding ring emojis, so you know it’s real.

Along with the revelation, Gyllenhaal shared a photo of the two at the ACE Comic Con in Chicago this past weekend:

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Forget the Biebers… We’re getting married ???

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By the looks of things, they’re already dressing alike, too — mazel tov.

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Gyllenhaal also shared this blooper reel from their engagement party Far From Home: