Jared Kushner may want to stay off Twitter today

A searing new article describing “the real Jared Kushner” has been making the rounds on social media, and boy, do people have strong feelings about him.

In “Shame Cometh: The Jared Kushner Story,” novelist and journalist Greg Olear presents a blistering highlight reel of Kushner’s lineage and misdeeds. Olear profiles his esteemed grandparents, “a heroic Nazi-fighter and a great builder,” and his power-hungry, criminal father. As Olear proceeds to list Jared’s own “accomplishments,” it’s clear Kushner followed in his father’s footsteps — and then some.

Jared is described as an “intellectually lazy” student with “subpar” SAT scores who only got into Harvard after his father donated millions to the university.

Olear suggests that Jared married Ivanka Trump as a power-grab. “Certainly there was no discernible passion on the part of either party, and plenty of lurid rumors. The wife would later describe their first date as ‘the best deal we ever made,'” he writes.

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After Ivanka’s father decided to run for president as a Republican, Olear says Jared abandoned any political morals he might have still had to do whatever it took to help him succeed.

That included illegal meetings with Russians and princes from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

He became “the de facto ambassador to Saudi Arabia” after Trump won the presidency,” Olear writes. “He gave the Crown Prince classified intelligence—information about who in the Saudi royal family was loyal and who was not,” Olear writes, adding, “After meeting with him, the Crown Prince initiated a purge of the royal family.”

“He lobbied for Saudi Arabia to be the first country his father-in-law would visit as president. Other presidents did not visit the Kingdom, because of the grotesque human rights abuses there. He didn’t care. The Saudis had money, lots of money, and he needed money, lots of money. And so his father-in-law made a state visit to the Kingdom.

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“Later, his buddy the Crown Prince had a dissident journalist murdered, the body hacked in pieces with a bone-saw. It is widely believed that he knew about the threat to this journalist, but did nothing to warn him.”

Olear calls Jared’s work on issues ranging from the opioid crisis to the Covid pandemic “a catalogue of failure.”

“During the early days of the pandemic, he set up a shadow task force to devise an appropriate response,” the article states. “When that task force gave him its recommendations—masks, contact tracing, federal coordination of supplies, etc.—he ignored them. The virus, he saw, was hitting the Blue States the hardest. It would help his father-in-law politically, he came to believe, if the pandemic continued to rage in those states. This way, his father-in-law could blame the governors of those states, who were all Democrats, for the escalating public health crisis, avoiding responsibility. So he decided to scuttle the plans given him by his own task force, and let the virus run amok.”

Here’s how folks are responding: