Is Peggy Noonan Like Ann Coulter?

Journos Battle Over “Poofing” John Edwards

There’s a war of words brewing between Wall Street Journal‘s Peggy Noonan and Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald.

Noonan used her opinion piece today to offer the “reasonable” presidential candidates. Democrat John Edwards didn’t make the cut. Why? Well, he’s a Democrat and Noonan finds his populism “intemperate and insincere”. The journalist also takes Edwards to task for his grooming habits: “Also we can’t have a president who spent two minutes on YouTube staring in a mirror and poofing his hair. Really, we just can’t.”

Greenwald finds such a statement, well, unreasonable.

Writes Greenwald writes:

John Edwards…is disqualified, because four years ago, he was caught red-handed brushing his hair before a television appearance — “poofing,” in Noonan’s words, which isn’t really a word at all, but rather, a British epithet for a male homosexual — “Slang: Disparaging and Offensive” — a synonym for “faggot.” Noonan is making the same point Ann Coulter made: Edwards can’t possibly be President because he’s a faggot.

A number of Greenwald’s readers have criticized his reading of Noonan’s statements, but Greenwald’s sticking to his guns:

Whether Noonan meant “pouf,” “poof” or intended to invoke both meanings, the point — and her stupidity in this regard — is exactly the same, and it’s worth noting because, as indicated, it’s illustrative of our media dialouge [sic] generally about our candidates.

Trust us, Greenwald, it’s only going to get worse.