Ron Desantis looking shocked, while wearing a dark suit jacket, white shirt and red tie with white dots.

Somebody might need to collect Ron DeSantis and plug him back in. The flailing Florida governor appears to be running out of batteries.

While DeSantis’ right-wing credentials are unquestioned–he’s made attacking LGBTQ+ people one of the focal points of his governorship–there have always been concerns about his ability to act human, for lack of a better term.

One of DeSantis’ former congressional staffers infamously told Vanity Fair his personality is comparable to a “piece of paper” last fall.

He also reportedly once ate pudding with his hands.

As the presumed top primary challenger to Donald Trump, DeSantis is more visible now than ever. He’s making international trips, visiting early primary states, and talking to voters.

Few of his interactions are going well.

It was an especially rough week for DeSantis, whose administration is now being sued by Disney, Florida’s top private employer and tourism attraction. His stretch of public blunders started Monday, when he was asked about his flopping poll numbers and appeared to short-circuit.

That was very weird, right? There’s nothing wrong with his answer; but man, what’s going on with his face???

DeSantis encountered a different problem when he was interviewed on Fox News, however. He was staring directly into the sun, with the apparent buoyancy of a statue.

In fairness, it’s hard for anybody to look comfortable when they’re staring into the sun. DeSantis’ team positioned their boss in the worst place possible for a live TV shot.

Tokyo is a major city that stretches 5,194 square miles. Surely there must have been other options.

Also, sunglasses are a thing. (Just ask Joe Biden!)

On Twitter, astute politicos remarked that DeSantis just isn’t ready for primetime…

Aside from looking awkward and uncomfortable, DeSantis often acts petulantly in public. Who could forget last year when he yelled at college students for wearing masks?

This week, he had a meltdown when asked about allegations from a Guantanamo detainee who says he observed his torture.

These flubs serve as an appropriate capper to DeSantis’ rough April. He’s been in a losing battle with Disney all month, with the company sidestepping his attempt to exert more power over its operations.

In response, he nullified Disney’s maneuvering and threatened to build a state prison around their theme park. (The same day, Disney announced it was hosting a special “Pride Nite” this June at its California theme park. We’re sure that’s just a coincidence!)

Instead of rallying the culture warriors, DeSantis’ feud with Disney is only succeeding in chasing away donors. His supporters are ripping him to shreds.

“What the f*ck is wrong with RD?,” asked one donor in a group chat, per Rolling Stone.

Honey, where do we begin?

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