Justice Kennedy’s Male Lover Blackmailed Him To Vote For Marriage Equality, Semen Latte Pastor Says

justicekennedyWas Justice Anthony Kennedy blackmailed by his secret lover into voting in favor of marriage equality? According to antigay “semen latte” pastor James David Manning, yes. A million times yes!

While speaking with Rick Wiles at Trunews about “Obama’s satanic assault on America’s morality,” Manning veered somewhat off topic into la-la land to discuss the recent Supreme Court marriage ruling, arguing that “the Devil himself has written this opinion!”, meaning, apparently, the conservative Catholic Justice Kennedy.

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“Perhaps Kennedy and many of those who are on the Supreme Court have had sodomite relations themselves,” Manning hypothesized, before suggesting the Justices were being blackmailed by their secret gay lovers: “They have got to support this sodomy, they’ve got to say it or otherwise they get exposed!

Manning issued a warning to Americans: “Fifty years from now people will look back at this period and say, ‘My God from Zion, how could a nation have fallen, how could the mighty have fallen so quickly and so far and so low?”

“If,” Wiles added, “there’s anybody still alive in the United States of America 50 years from now!”

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Wiles then suggested that the United States is “ripe to be overthrown” since “we no longer have the Lord’s protection” and “the Lord is no longer obligated to defend the United States of America,” which means “there’s a great attitude adjustment coming to the United States very, very soon!”

What do you think? Is Justice Kennedy a victim of blackmail? And will the United States be overthrown sometime in the next 50 years now that marriage equality is the law of the land?

Sound off in comments below.

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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  • Bub Tastic

    Why are you reprinting this trash?

  • Troy Geary

    Good grief. Someone needs a mental evaluation.

  • Rodney Church

    whaaaaaaaaaaat?!! Nonsense, 100% pure rubbish

  • Carlos Zuniga

    Semen Latte?……..I’ll take a grande…..iced. LOL

  • Rick Okarski Jr

    That is the most revolting thing I have ever read.

  • Michael Davy

    There are some seriously sick people out there.

  • Kai Grey

    Suggestion- how about we don’t give this anymore of our time.

  • Tony Chaplinski

    that is a new low for these idiots. I thought lying was a sin.

  • Xzamilio

    This dude… oh, put a dick in it.

  • rand503

    If Kennedy DID have a boyfriend, there would be no need for blackmail. Kennedy would just see the rightness of this decision.

    Crazy as it is, it gives insight to the regular homophobes. They believe homosexuality is SO shameful that no one would ever proclaim it in public or approve of it in any way. Except devils and democrats, of course.

  • Jose Irwin

    I wonder how he became a pastor with all that hate inside him. But now I understand that he is a mentally ill religious nut.

  • NoCagada

    Anyone ask Miss Lindsey? She’s running for president

  • teeohpee

    My son’s school is a few blocks away from this whacko’s church. I have to read the nasty shit he posts on the church’s signboard all the time.

  • Aragon Draco

    As Scalia says, pure applesauce!

  • aliengod

    Come on Queerty. I know you’re not a legitimate news outlet, but to copy stories like this is ridiculous. Please! Rise above!

  • Hana Chan

    umm wait… what?

  • Ladbrook

    Let him talk, let him preach… every time he opens his mouth, our support numbers go up in the general public. I feel the same way about Cruz and those unhinged loons over at NOM. They are killing there own movement. Give them a mic and let them talk!

  • Bruce Dillon

    Obviously Queerty Cannot help themselves!

  • Elon L Bugyi

    I hope his close family will get him the psychological therapy he needs. He is one very sick human.

  • Rangerboy

    Highly entertaining what they are claiming….they should become scriptwriters for a Hollywood C class movie!

  • 808Skinhead

    “the Lord is no longer obligated to defend the United States of America,”?!!!…spoken like a true self-centered, self-serving, entitled, self-righteous ass-hole.
    Now in not a believer in ‘the lord’ and all those cute little fairy tales, but IF I were, and from my understanding…God is not obligated to do anything. If humans are God’s servants, than why would God have an obligation to his servants? And much less America, when did we become the one and only chosen land?
    Show we just never mind the remaining 194 Nations in this planet?

  • Stefano

    Hey ! Dakotahgeo ? What’s your opinion on this guy? Oh wait…you can’t criticize him, he is one of your colleague.

  • Giancarlo85

    @aliengod: What’s wrong? Exposing everyone on the right wing as lying cheating scum?

  • brooklynbobby

    I don’t know I kind of like when Queerty publishes this kind of stuff LOL It’s always sooooooo far away from reality I can just sit and giggle at it. And it’s even more fun when some nut job wanders on to the site and agrees with the other nut job!!!!!
    Life is short we all need a giggle sometimes. Queerty puts it out there as comical commentary and that’s how we should be taking it! There are plenty of places where you can get the STRAIGHT SERIOUS gay news. I read those too. But I also like reading about the loonies too. If you want to read about serious issues head over to Rolling Stone and take a look at the Kim Whoretrashian cover article LOL

  • jwtraveler

    @Kai Grey: Makes sense to me.

  • Saint Law

    @aliengod: Well, you’re not a legitimate commentator on news so should feel right at home.

    No sense asking you to rise above tho. Stupid always finds its natural level.

  • Billysees


    ” Let him talk, let him preach… every time he opens his mouth, our support numbers go up in the general public. I feel the same way about Cruz and those unhinged loons over at NOM. They are killing there own movement. Give them a mic and let them talk! ”

    Good appraisal of those who stir up hatred by engaging in the worst kind of public conduct which is ‘sitting in the seat of the scornful’ about the LGBT community.

    We are far far better than their mocking words and most people realize this.

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