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Kim Davis Is Trying To Rewrite Her Antigay History; Too Bad The Internet Remembers Forever


Kim Davis. Now, there’s a name we haven’t heard in a while.

The Rowan County clerk has kept a low profile after dominating headlines last summer for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on religious grounds–despite the historic Supreme Court ruling that came exactly one year ago on Sunday.

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Davis’ personal moral dispute with the United States Constitution, doomed from the get-go, included multiple courtroom visits, court orders, an arrest and failed appeals. And in the end, all that time and taxpayer money resulted in absolutely nothing except that she got a flurry of attention in her attempt to humiliate same-sex couples. Wef can still get married. And Kim Davis has since faded into obscurity.

Until now, the anniversary of the supreme court decision legalizing marriage equality.

This week, Davis’ lawyers asked an appeals court to forget about the stir she created and to please make the entire case vanish.

In a motion filed yesterday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, where Davis is still fighting an earlier contempt order against her, her lawyers asked the whole matter–everything–all of it–including the part when she stood in front of a jailhouse, raised her hands to the sky and declared herself a martyr–be dismissed.

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Davis’ attorneys argued that, thanks to a new state law, county clerks are no longer required to sign their names on marriage licenses. Therefore, “the very religious accommodation Davis sought from the beginning of this litigation” has been met and the whole case is officially moot.

And now that that’s been settled, Davis’ lawyers added, she’d also like to have the lower court order that found her in contempt, resulting in her spending five days in jail, dismissed and her record cleared. Please and thank you.

Since the start of Davis’ legal drama, when she first issued a “no license” policy on all marriage certificates, gay or straight, in response to the SCOTUS ruling, she has failed at convincing the court that her personal religious beliefs held any sway over her duties as a public official required to follow the letter of the law. Though insiders say there’s a good chance the 6th Circuit will agree to put the issue to bed this time.

If it does, it will be Davis’ first win in her epic, year-long court fight.

But, as Huffington Post points out, it would be a win “not because she was ever right on the law, but because the law was changed to spare her.”

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