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Laura Ingraham’s gay brother slams her for being a “Putin-loving monster” who hates LGBTQ people

God bless Curtis Ingraham, Laura Ingraham‘s gay older brother.

After the Fox News propagandist did a segment on her show in which she cited a Breitbart article that accused schools of grooming preschoolers to be LGBTQ, Curtis took to Twitter to slam his baby sister for being a “Putin-loving monster.”

This is rich coming from my Putin-loving sister who seems okay with children being killed in Ukraine,” he tweeted this morning, along with a clip from the segment, which aired last week. “Looks like she has a new trope in hand to further rile and anger her followers. What a monster!”

This isn’t the first time Curtis has put his homophobic sibling on blast. Last month, he took to Twitter to criticize a segment she did about Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, during which she claimed schools wanted to “sexually brainwash” other people’s children.

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“My sister has the credibility of a tabloid,” he tweeted. “Spins like this reveal her deep-seated anger, desperation and complete ignorance of what is actually going on in education today.”

In the past, Curtis has also called Laura “nauseating” and suggested she is soulless. Speaking to the Daily Beast in 2018, he said, “She’s very smart, she’s well-spoken, but her emotional heart is just kind of dead.”

Here’s how others on Twitter responded to Ingraham’s most recent homophobic segment…

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