Those “straight bait” videos you see on your favorite XXX website? They’re often — but not always — clips of consensual sex between gay or bisexual performers. In real life, however, straight-baiting can be a criminal offense, as Duerte Xavier is no doubt learning.

Xavier stands accused of tricking four straight men into having sex with him. He allegedly catfished the men by posing as a woman on dating apps and inviting them to hookups either in local parks or in his home in southwest London — on the condition that they wear blindfolds throughout the encounter.

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The 33-year-old is now faced with six counts of “causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent” with a trial underway at Kingston Crown Court, according to The Independent.

Xavier denies all the charges, and his defense counsel claims an alleged victim of Xavier’s knew he was meeting a man and was engaging in roleplay.

One of Xavier’s alleged victims said he met Xavier on the dating app Lovoo, where the accused was calling himself Anna. The man went to Xavier’s flat and put on a blindfold on before his host emerged.

While receiving oral sex, he pulled off the blindfold and “saw this man with a beard,” he said in court. “I slapped this man in his face once or twice, and I said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me the truth?’”

Another man said he received oral sex from Xavier, as well, while the two others claimed they performed anal sex on him under the impression they were having vaginal sex.

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One of the men who claims to have been duped into anal sex with Xavier said the person he met in a park sounded “feminine” when giving him instructions.

“It was her telling me about keeping the blindfold on, standing where I was because then she was going to go and leave the vicinity before I did,” he said. “It was different. I have not experienced anything like that before.”

According to The Sun, the man had 20 minutes of anal sex with Xavier — after 10 minutes of oral sex that he described as “quite pleasant.”

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